ZUMBIDO NO OUVIDO NUNCA MAIS! Solução definitiva | Dr. Peter Liu

Hey guys. I'm answering Luciano Ferro's question, which is about ear tinnitus. Ringing ear is called ringing ear in English. It's very complicated… According to world statistics, over 40 years old, almost 50% of people have tinnitus of some degree. And why is that? The circulation of this part, when it reaches the artery of hearing, it separates the two. One for the labyrinth and one for the inner ear. So, automatically, hearing has half the circulation of an artery that passes through here.

So, it means that if you reduce circulation with time, with age, your hearing starts to decrease. When hearing decreases, the brain, the inner ear tries to widen. Do you know about that Loudspeaker? When you zoom in a lot, you zoom in a lot. The brain also increases amplification. Increased nerve current. So, the sensitivity is increased, this sensitivity starts to pick up the base noise. This noise we hear is base noise. So, there was a hearing loss and the brain starts to compensate, it starts to increase this amplification. I have recorded a video, I treat it with acupuncture, normally this one has a point here…

When you open your mouth, you sink, you sink… Do this massage and it can decrease a lot. I met a Chinese man, a 70 year old man, who cured his own tinnitus. For about 3 months, it's very simple. But it took me a long time to talk about it, because it's so crazy. Nobody would believe such a thing. It's kind of violent, he hits, he does it like that hitting. But this beat is very strong, it looks like a masochist, doing so. It is very strong and painful, with a lot of discomfort. I'm thinking that you only use this part instead of using the palm of your hand, you only use this part… You go hitting, hitting exactly that part of the ear.

Strongly. So, what you do? In the morning, if you can knock 30 times… He knocks 70 times, 90 times. So, you start with 10. Go down… Wait, take a deep breath, and then tap 10 more times. So, 3 out of 10 is 30. You increase as you hold on. And it also increases strength. So as you're hitting this region. instead of using needles you use your hands. You can't get to my office, so do it at your house, but knocking.

What happens to this? You are increasing circulation, with this force that the person is using. Of course you won't break your head or your ear, don't kill yourself, when you feel pain it reduces your strength. You're not going to "PUM" and break your neck. And broke your head, no, that's not going to happen. So, it's an exercise I wanted to do, it's a trick. But it took me a long time and I said: "Who will believe such a thing?" "It's really crazy, doing these maneuvers" If you really believe it, I know this person, this person is really cured of this tinnitus, he listens really well…

From the age of 10 to 40 years of age he had tinnitus. So, worldwide, more than 50%, almost half of the population over 40 years old, has tinnitus. It's a very serious thing. It seems that our ear is an underprivileged formation, it seems a little wrong in… Circulation is very low. So, try to use this and see if it improves, or at least it helps your circulation.


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