Why Does My Tinnitus Occur In One Ear?

please turn your sound on to hear full explanations of our answers thank you the question is why does my tinnitus occur in only one ear and the answer to that is because tinnitus is primarily related to hearing loss you have to have some hearing damage in your ear in order to have tinnitus and hearing damage occurs when the cochlea which is the snail-like organ in your in your ear you know which you can't normally see it's quite far in that contains small hair cells and you can think of these hair cells as being like grass so if you sit on grass then when you get up and maybe still flat for a few minutes but it will eventually rebound but if you Sun grass for too long or if the grass is flattened with a really heavy weight and it's not just you sitting then permanent damage can be caused and then the same thing happens in the cochlea and with the hair cells that are contained inside it in your ear now why would it only occur in one ear well you know most people have tinnitus have a cumulative hearing damage over a number of years and quite often people get it because they get a sudden as I say a sudden injury to their hearing for example people who hear a gunshot close by there's a lot of veterans from the US military who retire with with tinnitus it's probably the most common medical affliction that veterans will retire with it's a major thing you may be a veteran watching this video right now but that is that will commonly occur not always but often can occur in one year simply because you were you know one side of your head was was exposed to to the sound compared to the other so it's usually coming from Pete damage that's why you normally get it in one ear but otherwise it could be that you have very mild tinnitus and you've only just reached a threshold one ears marginally more damaged in terms of hearing than the other and that you will probably get it in the other ear within a matter of probably within a few years so that's why tinnitus can occur in just one here anyway I hope you found that video interesting and informative listen for best results if you want to get relief from your tinnitus even if it's just a couple of points reduced intensity which I know would make a great difference in the quality of your life and please click on the link below it'll take you to a site that has helped thousands of former tinnitus sufferers and it's an excellent resource so have a look at it it's very different to what you'll hear elsewhere and I don't really want to say too much more about it I'm gonna leave that to you to have a look because you know and I'm sure you're curious but I don't it's like watching movies I don't like to have the game given away to me before I've seen it for myself so I have a look for yourself and you know make of it what you will I think it's a really great resource check it out it's helped a lot of people just click on the link down below and I'll see you soon in my next video take care

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