Why do you specialize in Tinnitus?

You know tinnitus just became a passion
for me from early on in my education because I saw so many patients when I
was in the clinic at cu-boulder getting my master's degree every day people were
coming in complaining of tinnitus and we were just like everyone else out there
telling them I don't know what to do for you you have hearing loss let's try
hearing aids and that was it and so I thought there's gotta be something else
available there's got to be something out there that we could do for these
people because day after day after day of being in the clinic whether it was at
CU or whether it was in private practice we see patients all the time that have
this problem and so I just knew if I was going to help these people
I needed to seek out more training and more education and I was very fortunate
to be able to work with dr. Paul Astaroth who really developed tinnitus
retraining therapy and by studying with him at Emory University in Atlanta I
really felt like I got a strong foundation in how we can help and what
what are the best ways to help people that are suffering from this and so I
think it just was a passion of mine from the start of my career in audiology and
I've just been really committed to following all the advancements because
for me technology and research is a great way to be able to reach more
people and help more people that have this

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