What if my Tinnitus gets Louder with Sound Therapy? Explained by an Ear Specialist

apparently with any kind of sound therapy or any type of treatment you're going to potentially experience some increase in the level of linking so even after the earth therapy is completed the tinnitus can come back at times of significant stress and when I say significant stress I mean either psychological stress so that here for example upset about something or physical stress so for example you get significant pain and part of your body or you have an illness of some kind and that's a stressor to the body anything that causes the stress reaction in the body will potentially make the tinnitus louder so generally recommend if you feel as that ringing has gotten louder is that you try to do some active relaxation make sure that you're you're sleeping well if you need help with your sleep you need to speak to your physician melatonin has been studied and been found to help with sleep in patients with tinnitus so reducing your stresses but critical if you're using sound therapy we want you to reduce the sound if you're using music therapy we want you to use softer music and also it's important to know that at the end of any kind of sound therapy treatment after the couple hours of treatment that you're doing is you have to gradually reduce the volume of the sound that you're listening to and so they taper down over about a five-minute period about 20% of the volume every minute to then stop the silent attack if you abruptly stopped sound therapy or music therapy you can't get what we call their rebound and your tinnitus it temporarily will increase and then I'll come down the one thing I want you to make sure you don't do is don't concentrate and worry about the fact that the tinnitus has temporarily increased in August because that will make it stay louder for a little bit longer

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