What Causes Noises in Your Head – What is Tinnitus? (Part 2)

what causes noises in your head well it's called tinnitus or ringing in the ears in this video I'm going to talk all about it coming up hi I'm dr. Derek audiologist with prophit hearing comm bringing you the best insight today's latest hearing aids in audio technology to improve your life if you have concerns about your hearing always consult with your local physician or audiologist welcome to question of the day Friday where I answer your hearing healthcare and audio technology question do you have noises in your head today I'm talking about seven more possible causes this is part 2 of the series click on the suggested video or I icon above to see part 1 noise buzzing ringing in the ears however you described it is called tinnitus it's only a sound that you are hearing it's not a sound that's naturally occurring in your environment it may come or go or be a constant sound that you hear tinnitus can occur in one ear or both ears it may also sound like it's in your head it's often more noticeable in quiet places first if you have tinnitus make sure to ask your physician about it and then have a hearing evaluation by your local audiologist once a cause for the tinnitus is identified your provider can make recommendations on how to best treat it okay so here are some possible causes for noise or tinnitus that you hear inner ear disorders like Munir xin labyrinthitis veneers symptoms include tinnitus hearing loss vertigo dizziness and fullness in one ear lambeth itis can include tinnitus hearing loss and vertigo dizziness as well any disorder that affects the inner ear can cause tinnitus head or neck injury did you have a recent injury or accident with tinnitus following make sure to be evaluated by your physician as soon as possible concussion or traumatic brain injury TBI any head injury needs immediate medical attention tinnitus onset could be related to this injury acoustic neuroma an acoustic neuroma is a tumor pressing against the hearing imbalance nerves it can negatively impact hearing imbalance and also be a cause of tinnitus cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure and atherosclerosis your physician can diagnose these conditions and provide best guidance on how to treat them think about when your tinnitus first began and talk with your physician to see if there's a relationship between your tinnitus and these health conditions ear wax buildup do you have a buildup of ear wax in your ears have your physician take a look in both ears and ask if an ear cleaning is needed ear wax makes tinnitus more noticeable because it reduces the sounds around you those environmental sounds may have otherwise helped cover up your tendus eardrum rupture anytime there is a hole in the eardrum and sound is not transmitting into the ear normally there may be hearing loss and tinnitus that's more noticeable an eardrum ruptured may heal on its own or be patched by an ear nose and throat physician see your physician if you experience any ear pain or suspect an ear infection remember if you have noises in your head or ears go see a physician to rule out any medical cause an audiologist can evaluate your hearing and determine if hearing loss exists your provider can assist you in treatment of the symptoms that you experience so for today's question do any of these possible causes of noises in your head surprised you if so which one I love to know your thoughts so please comment below do you have a question that you'd like answered on a question of the day Friday let's connect in the comments below thanks so much for watching this video if you receive value from this video please like it share and subscribe hit the bell icon to be notified whenever a new video is posted remember to check out the notes in the description below for more information and to connect with prophit hearing on social media be a part of the prophit hearing community if you're interested in hearing aids click on the link in the description below for my free ebook how to buy hearing aids know what to ask your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser so that your hearing aids are easy to use and have all the features you're looking for remember profit hearing brings you the best insight today's latest hearing aids and audio technology to improve your life if you have concerns about your hearing always consult with your local physician or audiologist thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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