What are Eye Floaters – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

what are eye floaters if you've ever noticed squiggly lines or little threads in your vision chances are you've experienced something we call eye floaters eye floaters can appear as small black spots or tiny flecks particularly when you look at bright plain colored backgrounds like a wall or the sky they may even look a bit like cobwebs they're usually nothing to be concerned about but if you experience a sudden increase in the number of floaters you're seeing it could be the sign of something more serious what causes eye floaters eye floaters are actually tiny pieces of debris in the eyes fluid known as the vitreous humor that means the debris is actually inside your eye rather than on the surface so you can't get rid of them with eye drops the vitreous humor is fairly solid like a kind of jelly but as we age this jelly contracts and naturally becomes more watery making floaters more common as you get older floaters occur when clumps of the vitreous humor start moving around within this watery substance these tiny strands cast shadows on the retina giving the appearance of something floating in front of your eye are eye floaters dangerous floaters are very common and are usually nothing to worry about but on rare occasions new floaters and flashing lights alongside them can be an indication of retinal detachment which is potentially very serious retinal detachment can be treated with early detection before it becomes more serious so if you notice new floaters or flashing lights it's a good idea to contact your optometrist as quickly as possible do i need treatment for my eye floaters eye floaters are usually harmless this is particularly true if you've had them a long time if they're not becoming more prominent or growing in number and if they don't affect your vision you might sometimes see flashes of light accompanying your floaters but it's usually not a sign of anything serious unless they suddenly increase in frequency or begin to affect your vision if they are more noticeable more frequent accompanied by new floaters or if you notice any sudden changes in your vision you should contact your optometrist straight away you

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