Wayne on Max | Relief from Tinnitus Symptoms

I'm Wayne Drinkwater, based
here in Sunshine Coast in Queensland. My journey with Meniere's
disease started back in 2003. Tinnitus became extremely loud,
also started getting extreme dizzy spells, vomiting,
nausea, and crashing. In settings where there
was any background noise, I couldn't make out
what people were saying. IQbuds have had a far greater
impact than I thought possible. The tinnitus level is
reduced by 60%, 70%. I can hear my own tone. I can hear my own
volume much better. So giving me more
confidence to reengage in groups of people in a room. The byproduct of it is
when I take them out, I can actually go four or
five hours without the buds with greatly improved hearing. It's like going to
the gym for my ears. The improvement has
been life-changing.

I'm much more
confident, much freer.

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