Varmam Treatment for Tinnitus With English subtitles / காதிரைச்சல்

Long live this universe Hello Everyone In our ' Varmamaniosai ' YouTube channel We are showing Varmam points for curing various diseases And today we are going to see about 'Tinnitus' disease Many people have the habit of drilling their ears to remove ear wax This Habit leads to creation of noise inside their ears Many people spend too much time in the swimming pool and water will enter into their ears which leads to Tinnitus Tinnitus may also be caused due to internal ear infection some people would have suffered a long time fever which may also lead to Tinnitus Some will suffer from severe Coughing This strain in throat will affect the nerves in ears and it creates noise inside ears Due to this noise they would get disturbed and distracted sleep Now we are going to see the varmam points to eradicate these noises from ears There are five points for this purpose which completely nullify the noise in ears Some may hear "OM" spiritual sound while others may hear irritating noises Some people may hear songs which they frequently used to hear They will also lose their peace of mind and will get distracted We will see the method to get rid of this noises in ears The first point for tinnitus is located behind the ears named "Sevikutri Kaalam" The second Varmam point is front of ear named "Poigai Kaalam" Third point is "Porichan Kaalam" which is seen behind ears To operate this we use a method called rotation around ears Forth points located below the lateral malleolus By stimulating this point you can cure both tinnitus and deafness And it is called "Kanpugaichal Varmam " which is located below the lateral malleolus The fifth point balances and normalises the Varmam energy of whole body It is" Kutri Varmam " located in tragus of ear stimulating " Kutri Varmam " will nullify the noise Now let us see the first point "Sevikutri Kaalam" It is located in the hollows spot behind both ears It is operated simultaneously on both sides First,Keep the middle fingers in this point and press mildly And rotate clockwise three times And then anticlockwise three times And then with medium pressure (don't press deeply) Uplift this point with the same pressure Hold it For 15 to 20 seconds And then released the fingers slowly This point named "Sevikutri Kaalam" will completely nullify the noise in ears The second varmam point is "Poigai Kaalam" "Poigai" means storehouse of energy This point is linked with the nerves in ears Even if the point is pressed and uplifted only once it will erase the noise out of ears This "Poigai Kaalam" is operated simultaneously on both sides Press the middle finger on both sides while doing for ourselves It is the point where the ears joins the head
Exactly here it is, and it is on both sides Keep the middle fingers in "Poigai Kaalam" on both sides , Apply mild pressure and uplift it only once & Hold it for 15 seconds And then released the fingers slowly The third point is "Porichan Kaalam" located here To operate this point place the middle fingers again in "Poigai Kaalam" both sides And slide the fingers around behind the ears
with mild pressure pass through "Porichan Kaalam" And then reach up to "Sevikutri Kaalam" and release the fingers This whole operation is done 10 times This could also be done with 3 fingers in both sides But using the middle finger is easy & recommended, Do it like this 10 times On reaching "Sevikutri Kaalam" release the fingers and start the next round again On doing this 10 times the "Porichan Kaalam" is activated And also all Varma points around the ears gets activated This will completely erase the noise out of ears Forth point for tinnitus is "Kanpugaichal Varmam" "Kanpugaichal Varmam" is located below the lateral malleolus on both legs Press this point inward 50 times on both legs individually with middle or index finger While pressing this for 50 times you will feel the reduction of noise slowly This single point has cured the tinnitus in many patients the noise will be completely erased on 50th press I have evidenced the power of this point in our clinic and I have cured five patients this point must be pressed 50 times and pressing 2-3 times won't work this single point , when pressed 50 times will completely erase the noise out of ears In Varmam therapy, this point is also called "Poi Kan Poi Kadhu" which means "false eye false ear" because this point will Heal both eye and ear problems The fifth point is " Kutri Varmam " Generally this " Kutri Varmam " is given finally after doing all other Varmam because " Kutri Varmam " regulates the Varmam energy of whole body " Kutri Varmam " also has a speciality of curing all ear problems and so given finally " Kutri Varmam " is located in Kaadhu kuruthu tragus of ear To operate" Kutri Varmam " is hold the tragus of the ear in between Thumb and index finger Hold and move it front and back three times 1,2,3 it should be given very mildly so that It will Heal tinnitus disease so by operating these five Varmam points you can get rid of tinnitus disease

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