VA Hearing Loss Compensation & Service Connection | What You NEED To Know!

if you sustained a hearing loss while serving in the United States military then you could qualify for disability compensation but the process of getting disability compensation can be a little confusing that's why in this video I'm gonna help you understand the process of service connection and disability compensation for hearing loss coming up [Music] hi guys cliff Olson doctor of Audiology and founder of applied hearing solutions in anthem Arizona and on this channel I cover a bunch of hearing related information to help make you a better informed consumer so if you're into that consider hitting the subscribe button as a United States Marine I was subject to extremely loud noise on a regular basis in fact thousands of veterans suffered trauma to their hearing while serving in the military but getting compensation for this hearing loss is very confusing much like it's confusing for a lot of veterans on how to treat their hearing loss through the VA so I went ahead and asked a VA audiologist and did research myself to determine the things that you need to know about service connection and how to get disability compensation if you suffered from hearing loss due to the military before I get started it's important that you know that all of the phone numbers and websites and documents that I am referencing in this video will be listed and linked in the description below so what is hearing disability compensation basically it is a monetary benefit for veterans who either incurred or aggravated a hearing disability while serving in the Armed Forces this benefit can range anywhere from 10 percent up to a hundred percent disability so let's talk about the things that you should know about your hearing loss being service-connected and the first thing that you should know is that compensation is the responsibility or in the jurisdiction of the VBA which is the Veterans Benefits Administration if you are getting hearing aids that is under the jurisdiction of the VHA which is the Veterans Health Administration they are two completely separate things if you need hearing aids then you need to go through the VHA not through the VBA but for the sake of this video we're talking about getting compensation so we're talking specifically about the VBA if you are looking to get hearing aids from the VA then I will go ahead and link another video that I did about that in the card up here and in the description below as well number two is you can enlist the help of a local VA accredited representative to help you file the claim the first way you can go about finding one of these local representatives is by going online to the second way is to actually call the one eight eight eight seven seven seven four four four three phone number to get in touch with one and the third way is to actually contact your VA regional Benefits Office they will be able to get you in touch with one as well these individuals are great for actually helping you go through the entire process of filing a claim and helping you every step of the way number three is you will need to file a claim and again you can either do this through the local VA accredited representative you can go online and do this through the you can also print out the claims form which is the form 21 – 526 easy and either fax it in to the claim center or you can mail it to the claims intake center in Janesville Wisconsin number four is your hearing evaluation and this is typically done in a location that is completely separate from where you actually get hearing aids at in fact it can be two completely different buildings or two completely different cities from where you typically go to get your VA healthcare this is a legal exam to find out if the hearing loss or hearing disability that you have is related to or made worse by your time spent in the military this exam will include a full case history a comprehensive hearing evaluation and it's also the time that you want to share all of your symptoms including dizziness ringing of the ears ear infections and of course hearing difficulty you can also bring in other supporting information including private-sector hearing evaluations or any other kind of medical information that you think is pertinent to your specific situation all right little side note here and I hate to bring it up but audiologists are terrific and identifying individuals who are faking a hearing loss they actually have specific tests that they use in order to identify if someone is faking on their hearing test so do yourself a favor and do other veterans a favor if you do not have a hearing loss do not schedule or file a claim for hearing loss compensation ok back on track once you get done with the hearing evaluation they will not go over the results with you now if you have a clear hearing loss that they feel you could benefit from hearing aids they may actually refer you back over to the VHA just remember at the end of the compensation exam it is not their job to actually fit you with hearing aids so if you are under the impression that after this compensation exam that you are getting hearing aids you are incorrect and you need to make sure that you watch that other video that I made about getting hearing aids from the VA they will then take all of this information and your hearing evaluation and send it off to the service office for them to do the rating process now there is no timetable for this rating process so it could be different for every single individual who goes in for disability compensation ultimately the percentage rating that you receive will depend on the severity of your hearing related disability now if you end up getting rated at a 0% it does not mean that your hearing loss wasn't either incurred by or aggravated by your time spent in the military it just means that the amount of disability that you have does not warrant compensation now if you do not agree with your 0% rating or whatever rating that they give you you can actually appeal that decision there you go those are the things you need to know about service connection and compensation for a hearing related disability through the VBA and again a special shout-out to dr.

Emily Rahway a VA audiologist from the Minneapolis Minnesota VA without her this video would not have been possible that's it for this video if you have any questions leave them in the comments section below if you like the video please share it and if you want to see more videos just like this one go ahead and hit that subscribe button I'll see you next time [Music].

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