Tune out Tinnitus with Signia Notch Therapy | Signia Hearing Aids


If you suffer from tinnitus you know how disturbing, tiring and even stressful it can be every day. But did you know that using hearing aids can help reduce the effects of your tinnitus? Signia hearing aids are real technological marvels. In addition to improving hearing, they also offer three Signia anti-tinnitus approaches. While soft and pleasant static noises eliminate the annoyance of tinnitus by reducing its emergence … the ocean wave-type modulated noise therapy additionally reproduces the relaxing feeling of being on the beach. Only Signia hearing aids offer notched amplification therapy for tonal tinnitus which allows to partially eliminate, or even totally, tinnitus by treating them in an inaudible way. Signia Tinnitus Therapy is available in all Signia hearing aids, leaving you free to choose the solution that best suits your personal needs.


So you can relax and focus on the essentials. Signia Tinnitus Therapies – Unique Therapies for Long-Lasting Relief..

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