Trouble Hearing With Face Masks – Sound Relief Hearing Center

A couple of the troubles with the face masks and 
hearing is obviously the loss of visual cues so   when we have the masks on we're not able to read 
lips and everyone reads lips to some extent so   without that it causes some difficulties because 
you're relying solely on the auditory system.   Another trouble with the masks and COVID is 
we've been increasing the distance between   person to person so that also causes 
a reduction in the sound quality.   Some research has actually been done 
which is showing that having the masks on   is actually attenuating or reducing the amount 
of sound we're hearing anywhere from about 10   to 12 decibels and especially this is happening 
in the high frequencies which is where we get   most of our clarity and detail of speech so when 
we're not treating a high-frequency hearing loss   and we're actually covering up and blocking more 
of those visual cues in the high-frequency cues,   it's a lot harder to actually 
understand what someone's saying. There's is a certain frequency range where we 
know we can increase to help overcome the blockage   created by the mask.

In some cases, we can create 
a mask program where if you're out and about   you have a particular setting that's 
allowing you to get more of the clarity   and then when you're back home and it's 
safe to take the mask off and you're around   a quiet situation, then you can go 
back to your normal default setting. Depending on what kind of technology they're in, 
we work with all sorts of devices all kinds of   technology, and so it's not very often that we're 
not able to help someone by making adjustments to   help them overcome their difficulties. All right 
terrific. Well thank you, ladies. Of course!.

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