Tinnitus – Welt der Wunder

twenty-third december 1888 the painter vincent van gogh in his study in the south of france for years some terrible noises in the ear they make his life hell Constant whistling, rustling and knocking drive you to the edge of madness with a desperate act he wants to agonize b franziska leyrer has also been suffering from severe conditions for a year and a half noises in the ears doctors call this disorder tinnitus, especially when The 18-year-old piano plays the noise and roar in her ears because it only takes the music in a distorted way the music really breaks you Scientists have now deciphered like the annoying ones noises arise in the ear sounds are usually transmitted as electrical impulses from the inner ear to the the auditory nerve is guided from there and it takes you to the hearing center of the brain These impulses can be transmitted when the brain pours out the messenger substance glutamate from if the music is too loud or stressed, the brain produces too much glutamate a hearing loss is the consequence the hair cells in the inner ear die as a result, false impulses get into the hearing center, it gets confused and produces ringing in the ears which is one of the most common causes of tinnitus stress, especially outside of school, I've done a lot I've taken on many duties in the church I've worked piano lessons and was with the choir, I danced a lot and everything just happened so together and that was probably my body at some point just missing Suddenly, Franziska can't do anything in her left ear then there are the unbearable noises the student reacts immediately on the same day she goes to the Ear, nose and throat doctor he first checks whether the ear canals are blocked can not determine however the feeling of numbness must therefore have another cause with an eye examination, the doctor wants to find out whether this is possible a swelling on the auditory nerve the cause of the tinnitus is eye muscles and auditory nerves hang together, move the eyes irregularly, this could be a evidence of a tumor should finally be tested for height franziska has to decide whether certain tones have different frequencies the medical assistant uses this to determine a higher curve – the result franziska hears on the left ear extremely bad cause a hearing loss the typical symptoms of inner ear damage are a hearing loss what can express itself as an impression on the ear are noises in the ears such as ringing the doorbell or humming or whistling may even be dizziness these three symptoms are absolute alarm signals and must be observed and require a specialist doctor clarification immediately after the diagnosis the student receives for several days fusions a special liquid usually mixed with cortisone improves blood circulation in the ear and can relieve symptoms Sudden hearing loss or tinnitus often go into rest phases when the Affected does not count on the patient starts with the pesky noises that become a constant companion in the atrium of the noises range from painful deep tones to dark tones a burden that can drive people crazy Vincent van Gogh is apparently so desperate that he has become one terrible step he decides to cut part of his left hope to end his agony with it today tinnitus patients can be helped with the hyperbaric chamber which originally comes from diving medicine, scuba divers practice in it the pressure from large patients breathe in tinnitus therapy oxygen has a pressure of 18 bar which corresponds to the pressure at a dive at a depth of 18 meters this oxygen under the overpressure conditions dissolves in the blood much better than normal pressure conditions would do and we also achieve an improved one oxygen saturation of the inner ear that helps the tinnitus and improves it clearly the chances of cure for tinnitus in two thirds of all patients are through infusions and hyperbaric chamber in the first few days receive the therapies at franziska beat osteopathic treatment does not help at least to relieve the symptoms The therapist solves this problem with certain things handles blockages between the head and tailbone that will relieve pain and relaxing when nothing helps, this device can at least distract you it sends tones that overlay the tinnitus noises this is a different sound for every patient franzi helps a deep one rushing against her roar in the ear very crucial to change the stressful lifestyle of the cause the hearing loss was franziska meanwhile, most of her hobbies are on put ice on the ice and decided for your loved one to dance to it yourself sometimes she doesn't feel like dancing anymore but of course when I dance if there are no limits then you are fine then the best relaxation is you at all, franziska tried with her now living with chronic tinnitus always in the hope that the noise in the ear will one day disappear friends and family give you hold Franzi has also kept her cheerfulness but sometimes she thinks of it deep hole when it is really bad with the titus then I really feel like but it is just everything else you can easily forget with me then that is totally focused on the titus and the world is just bad and me then sink into a vicious circle in principle

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