Tinnitus was tun? – Unbedingt zum Zahnarzt gehen

hello my dear ladies and gentlemen, I may greet you, take revenge about our internet consultation hours our topic today is tinnitus tinnitus the higher noises can have various causes, as we know that circulatory disorders can cause the patches but also extreme ones noise extreme exposure to noise and what we now know that the stress also plays a major role in our consultation hour I notice our special consultation hours for tinnitus patients again and again that there is stress on the one hand but also the stress on the other improper load on the jaw that means the beetle has shifted that means That the first goal of treatment should be to reduce the stress in this system reduce and that is primarily what makes the night crunch crunch there are noises but also that make teeth clenched at night that doesn't make any noises and immense forces are released that act directly from the inner ear So where the tinnitus develops in the end, there are also reasons First of all, we set a so-called tinnitus in our tinnitus consultation on the splint that a splint that only makes contact in the incisor area and that no longer makes it possible to grind your teeth that one the second is that we have to regulate the bite accordingly and there we work very closely with experienced physiotherapists so manual therapy and osteopathy are also very important You as a patient are challenged, which means that we guide you so-called progressive muscle relaxation to make the overall stress is also dismantled during the day it is important to decide early on Dentists do not affect deeper brain regions before they are too So, for example, the limbic system has been drawn Pain memory so go to the dentist early on who deals with tinnitus if you have any questions just send me we will gladly answer an email or come to the non-binding Talk to us over I wish you one nice day thank you very much

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