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many precious moments in life are captured if you think about it simply by sound this is a time when today's show to really listen up because you might not realize how much you are missing from the world around you because of diminished hearing now before we begin is this a common sound in your life you can hear that that sound is a sign that you need help here with more is dr.

Julie Pretz Minh with the sound relief Hearing Center and that sound when I first heard it I went wow are people really living with that and what do you call it it's called tinnitus or tinnitus both pronunciations are correct but it's ringing buzzing I think any sound like that that people hear in their ears or head and I just had to cover you know when I when I heard it again that I I just had to kind of cover my ears and now we can hear it again and it's just it's shrieks shrieks how many Americans are really affected by this um it's estimated about 50 million Americans are suffering now what causes this you know usually it's over exposure to loud noises that's the number one cause but it can be something simple like excessive ear wax or an ear infection a lot of people actually can attribute it to a stressful event so you know the loss of a loved one change in jobs stress is a big trigger for for tonight it's amazing what stress can do and things that you wouldn't think about so how does a person then know I mean we we heard that that loud say oh no if they need to seek help is that is that a first indicator it is it is so if you hear that even temporarily and it goes away that might just be normal but if you do experience that you should have your ears checked out come in and see me for a baseline hearing test see if anything's going on that we should be concerned now our people often told that there's no treatment for tinnitus they are they're often told there's nothing they can do there's no hope and it's yeah it's it's not true it's not because you're here to help fifteen years of helping individuals improve their quality of life why did you decide to specialize in this it's such a unique and field and niche mm-hmm well I'm a third-generation audiologist so my family has been in this field for a long time and you know I was just really frustrated with not having anything other than hearing aids to offer my patients and so I was really inspired by dr.

Paul Astor buff he is a really well-known scientist that developed tinnitus retraining therapy and he really inspired me to do more now I you brought in some examples for us of treatment options five different ones yes now kind of walk us through here in point do you want to start over here yes okay so this right here short so neuromonics tinnitus treatment has been around for a long time I've been helping patients with neuromonics since about 2005 it's a music based sound therapy it's customized to what the sound is that the patient is hearing and it's a music based signal so it's a very specific sound it's worn for about two hours a day and in six months 90% of patients report a reduction by half in that tinnitus sound so neurotics is yes a great option a newer one this is the serenade by sound cure this just got FDA approval this year in 2012 and very similar in concept in theory except for its using s tones which are again match to the person's tinnitus and it really is a soothing low-level signal that a patient would wear when it's bothering them so they put this on and wear it and same thing within a few months we see significant reduction in the symptoms it's called the whole nervous system down and really rewires the brain because really the brain is where this is happening amazing yes and then the inhibitor this box is just showing us it's a bone oscillated sound and you have ice okay yeah let me see that you're the device yes this is a demo model the actual model is a little prettier than this but basically it goes on the mastoid bone and produces a very high frequency sound for it you can hear it from there right yeah to cancel a patient's tinnitus and for some people that will provide immediate temporary relief from the tinnitus and so the inhibitor is a nice option to be able to see if it'll help someone is that amazing as you see how technology over advancing these years it's really amazing it is and then the last specific to tinnitus this is the white X Zen it looks like a hearing aid but it actually has a Zen program that are fractal tones and they really provide relief and soothing sound for someone who has that annoying tinnitus signal you know all day long and then traditional hearing aids I wanted to discuss that because a lot of people think I have a grandmother that went through this and I remember my great-grandmother the hearing aid used to be so big and you can notice it it has changed yeah my grandma it no one knows nope I'm wearing one right now you are I am I am so this is the size of a hearing aid you didn't even know I was wearing it it is so they're very very tiny very small this one happens to be pink because it was think pink for October but yes you can see other than the resolution sizes yes and they do not have to be bulky and big no one has to know you're wearing it it's comfortable it's lightweight and they're compatible with Bluetooth today so you can match it with your cell phone they're awesome now you have a great deal for our viewers today to come in and see you even if they're thinking maybe I have tinnitus or not right so I'm offering a free tinnitus consultation to sit down talk about the symptoms what have you tried what have you been told what can maybe I offer that's different and also a free in-office inhibitor treatment to see if this perhaps would help so I'm offering that as well to the first $25 and you are so active in the community you were you're always up to something you're really trying to make a difference recently the breast cancer awareness with October which ended yesterday I can't believe it so how were you involved with that well we were able to raise over three thousand dollars for the Susan G Komen Foundation for breast cancer awareness and research and that was really powerful we participated in the race for the Cure and raised funds for that great cause and then give the gift of better hearing I love that you're doing this especially now for the holidays for this month and through December explain that more for us sure so we want people to nominate someone they know maybe it's the themselves maybe it's a family member a friend someone they know neighbor so we want to nominate the person who deserves the gift of better hearing better hearing is such an amazing change in quality of life for the person so to nominate you just need to either go on our Facebook page sound relief Hearing Center to nominate the person why they deserve to win or email us at the dock at your ear calm and we're gonna choose a winner and we're gonna have a panel of judges choose a winner by December 10th oh that's great yes and I can imagine you know you're saying this is such a growing field because we love to wear little things in our ears now and then go right close and crank the music and yes it's just I'm assumed to having a bigger a bigger problem it is it is we can't avoid loud noise exposure we live in a very loud world but we can protect our ears with custom hearing protection for $100 we could have a custom pair of hearing protection made for a person who you know maybe just needs it for mowing the lawn exact or going to a concert or all those things that we do that are so loud so I bet it's really fulfilling for you to have someone that comes in and is hearing that those different sounds and then all of a sudden do you notice just how they're really hearing that world around them yes what do they say um it can change a person's entire personality you just see them kind of relax and enjoy their family and friends and not be so distracted by tinnitus or distracted by having to strain to understand conversation when they're with their family and friends and so it's it's a life changer now I've been saying tinnitus which is also correct isn't it yes okay good yes very good change happy holidays this is great start hearing the world around you clearly sound relief Hearing Center offers several customized sound therapies based on the type and degree of tinnitus you are experiencing that's not so good dr.

Julie will help guide you along the way with all that you need to know and today take advantage of her special a free tinnitus consultation and inhibitor treatment for the first 25 callers here's that number 7 2 0 3 4 4 7600 also you can learn more information online at your ear doc calm also don't forget about sound relief Hearing Centers give the gift of better hearing event that's going on right now through the month of December you can nominate yourself or someone you know to win a pair of digital hearing aids before the holidays send in your email to the doc at your ear comm once again that's the doc at your ear calm so on their Facebook page this segment was paid for by sound relief Hearing Center.

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