Tinnitus Treatment Plan – Step 1 Get A Hearing Test!

Point 1 of the 7 point tinnitus treatment plan! My name is Dr. JC Hodge I'm an ENT specialist   from South Australia and founding member of Tinnitus Treatment App. Point one is get a hearing test! This is critical for three reasons, the first is to make sure you don't have a conductive hearing loss this is when you have obstruction from sound from the environment reaching the inner ear and it can be an obstruction the ear canal or the middle ear could be some wax could be some fluid it could be stiffening the bones in the middle ear. This is critical because if you reverse it and then your tinnitus will get better. If you have conductive hearing loss you hear all the internal sounds louder such as tinnitus. Number two is to make sure 
you don't have a discrepancy between the inner ear hearing capabilities. and what we're looking for is more than 20 decibels between two frequencies as this may signify a tumor pressing of the nerve to the inner ear and for this you need an MRI scan.   this is one of the absolute criteria in tinnitus.

Number three if you have central neural hearing loss and it's bilateral and it's severe enough you may be a candidate for a hearing aid. This is a good treatment for tinnitus during the day as it increases your environmental   sound and you'll hear your tinnitus less. For more information go to my website at www.tinnitustreatment.com.au you can buy my app on the apple store or on Google Play and next week listen out for the Second 
Point in my 7 Point Tinnitus Treatment Plan.

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