Tinnitus Treatment Case Study: Peter Humphries

well it started I used to work for the water company back in those days and I used to work on the road using the automatic drills and cut him machinery and I believe it more or less started from there it caused me a lot of distress I couldn't concentrate on on what I was doing and it caused a lot of problems at home with the family because I couldn't concentrate with the children we had and I couldn't concentrate with the wife I had but most sleeping was cut right down I I was only sleeping two or three hours a night it was desert devastating them but um what what do you do it was there and you couldn't do nothing about it when my son found out about it he phoned me and told me that there was a clinic in in Harley Street and he he would he would like me to go up there and introduce myself I went there and I thought nah ain't going to happen and it can't work of I mean everybody keeps telling me there's nothing on this planet that can stop things in your brain going wrong which there isn't you know but I was wrong it was about to two months after I received the unit the the noise actually went down lower and I thought that strange and it was a lot quieter as well and my wife especially she noticed the change in my attitude my concentration and and I wasn't so miserable though and still look sometimes miserable but she noticed it very much well felt better after this a few months and thought well this units going to work and so I continued using it and I used it and for months and months and months and but my lifestyle changed altogether because I could concentrate or I wasn't losing my temper at home i i i listened to everything i could hear better from other people sitting next to me i just didn't believe it was going to work but he did the sound level is is very very low and hardly notice it at all now the last time I usually read unit was what two three months ago no I haven't used it since the only advice I would give is do it and continue with it and give it a try I can't saying it no more than that because I mean now it's it's it's just unbelievable that it's worked and it's so easy to use the unit but you just got sort of keep using it I am very determined to do things the things I want to do I'll do things I don't want to do I won't do but I was determined to do to use this unit and to satisfy himself and see that everything see if it works because I want under percent sure it's going to work anyhow but at the end of the day is work for me

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