Tinnitus Session 2: 10 minutes #Tinnitus Relief

what's up guys welcome back to another episode of Ear Flix the channel dedicated to creating hearing awareness through the use of information about the ears how your hearing aids work, how your hearing implants work and of course practical application of habilitation and rehabilitation techniques which will help you hear again and better understand what is happening to your ears for those new to this channel, My name is Sir Eros I am a clinical audiologist and as well as hearing loss educator based here in Singapore that's why we're doing Earflix is ​​to create a community of hearing awareness advocates in the Philippines so if you're a game, I'm a game too! Please hit that subscribe button and notification bell so that we can activate the google algorithm to help us distribute the information those who need help, especially those with hearing problems our topic for today is related to our last 4 episodes which is where we discussed what tinnitus is what is the relationship of tinnitus to stress what is habituation and of course the practical ones or we also tested the sound samples so that we can try to be relieved by the distressing sound of our tinnitus why are we doing this? as if we have concepts that are like a candle in a dark place which is where when we see this candle, that's where we focus the main goal of our sound therapy is to lose our focus on that one light we will introduce more candles to somehow reduce the contrast or our attention to that tinnitus so we introduce sound samples to you for this particular sound sample is again familiar sounds ito na naririnig niyo parati you have nothing to do if you don't turn down your light now you will turn down the light, if you have that capabilty please do so or turn off the light, relax breath in, breath out slowly and let's begin our sound therapy keyword Prunes i hope you like our sound therapy for today this is again Sir Eros saying we will make the disabled able how are we going to do that? by hitting that subscribe button and notification bell nd of course share this video for those who need sound therapy when it comes to tinnitus until then..

see you.. bye….

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