Tinnitus Scrubber is High Range Noise Masking for Relief (Hopefully)

Welcome to The Tinnitus Scrubber. This is a noise print custom created to relieve my tinnitus and maybe yours. It's a high-frequency noise that undulates around a few different bands of frequencies to help break the cycle of ringing in your ears. Your brain, a lot of times, at least in contemporary research for tinnitus, is "auto-completing" the ringing long after long after the actual damage ring tone comes out of your ears. This is designed to break that and mask the tinnitus in your ears and maybe, de-focus from that tone that you are getting. And it may work. It may not. I originally posted noise for other reasons, and then, people started saying… "Hey, this helps with my tinnitus." And I realized, hey it helps with my own tinnitus. As an audio engineer, I've had ear fatigue for many many years.

We get a lot of people on the channel commenting, "I've worked on race cars"… "I fly airplanes"… "I do construction". All these things can really mess with your ears. I can't encourage you enough to wear earplugs when you are riding your motorcycle, or whatever. Let me know if it works for you, or if it doesn't work for you. We're just trying to help the ear-fatigued community out there. Thanks for listening. Let's get to it. The Tinnitus Scrubber.

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