“Tinnitus: ringing in my ears?” Hearing Loss Newton MA Part 3

hi this is dr. Mason this is a part three in our seven part mini seminar regarding hearing loss and the treatment of hearing loss I'm the medical director here at enhanced auditory resources and today we're going to talk about a popular topic tinnitus everyone asks me about treatments for tinnitus is there a cure for tinnitus tinnitus is the medical name for ringing of the ear it is not a diagnosis it is simply a description of a symptom the ringing can be high-pitched low pitch it can be loud it can be soft it is usually worse at night or it's what it's quiet worse when you're tired tinnitus comes from nerve damage to the cochlea the organ of hearing we went over that in part one or two of this series but if you lose the hair cells within the cochlea the nerve bodies fire off on their own think of it as a doorbell that has a short-circuit in it and just no one's ringing the doorbell there's no stimulus but the doorbell rings this is usually soft enough that if there's any competing noise it doesn't bother you I want to say right off that there is no cure for tinnitus I think the best treatment and what I tell people all the time is treatments really comprised of two things masking and then adaptation masking is simply putting a noise making device like a sort of recording that has ocean sounds wind sounds rainforest sounds next to your bed at night time and that will compete with the tinnitus and you'll get to sleep the next step is really to look at treatments of tinnitus that address the tinnitus themselves the first thing is tinnitus retraining therapy TRT and this is a system that takes a little time and a little bit of investment it is approximately twenty five hundred to three thousand dollars I would only recommend that for people who are terribly bothered by the determinists are not adapting to it and the normal masking devices don't work there is such a thing as a tennis master that's the next step up it's like a small hearing aid that competes with a tinnitus and many people who have intolerable tinnitus say that it is worth it the next thing I want to mention is there are actual hearing aids and that's an advantage because many people with tinnitus it's because they have a hearing loss so they benefit from the amplification of a hearing aid but there are specific hearing aids that have a component in it that masks the tinnitus and there are people who benefit from this I would say if you have considered or tried all of the things we've discussed and we have not received any benefit the next step is really for people who find the tenant is unbearable and looking for some sort of resource that will help them and the neuromonics system is a system it's it's a long-term treatment but it does get results the cost for that is up to $5,000 so obviously the latter solutions are only for people who find their tinnitus absolutely intolerable fortunately that is a small percentage of people for the rest of those people what I tell them is you have the tinnitus we know why you happen is from your hearing loss everyone gets used to it and it usually does not get any worse so understanding is the most powerful tool I can give you that in the pronunciation of candidates if you want further information on the neuromonics system and tinnitus retraining therapy you can go to our website which i think is going to be listed on as part of this seminar is EA our resources comm and we will have a link to their websites again thanks for listening and we will go on to part four of the seminar next week in which we will talk about treatment of hearing loss using hearing aids thank you

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