Tinnitus relief tips: 3 tricks that helped me

Hi there, my name is Cedric and welcome I'm the writer of the tinnitus relief and treatment guide and in this short video I want to give you 3 tinnitus relief tips That you can start using immediately Those tips really helped me out In reducing my tinnitus related stress and anxiety And I'm sure they will help you as well So let's start with the tips Tip number 1: Mask your tinnitus by avoiding absolute silence Now, absolute silence is a tinnitus patients worst nightmare And therefore it is really important that you start using background noises to cover up the silence For example: open the window, or maybe put the airconditioning on Or put some quiet background music on You know, whatever masks the silence So you can determine your attention to those new background noises And shift your attention from the tinntitus Tip number 2: Change Your State Of Mind Now, this tip might take a while But it is really important that you try to take away the negative association you have with your tinnitus Alway remember, that tinnitus is just a natural sound your body produces Don't see the sound as a threat or a danger Now, once you stop having that negative association Your mind will filter that sound and you won't hear your tinnitus anymore Like for example the swallowing sound you make when you eat Normally you don't even hear that sound anymore cause you don' have a negative association with it And the same goes for other background noises, that you are only aware of ones you taken your focus on it And you should try to reach that stage with your tinnitus as well Tip number 3 Relaxation Now, stress and anxiety can really make your tinnitus worse And therefore it is really important that you take time to destress and relax every day Take like 10 or 15 minutes a day to do some basic yoga techniques or do some breathing exercises Just make sure you do something you like and that it makes you relax and calm And i guarantee you that in a little while your tinnitus will already get better Ok, so these were the 3 tips Take care, and don't let the tinnitus ruin your life www.tinucare.com

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