Tinnitus (oorsuizen) – De vijf meest gestelde vragen

Today I cover the five most frequently asked questions about tinnitus. Tinnitus can be a result of noise exposure or hearing damage, but tinnitus can also occur in a normal hearing person who is simply very sensitive to it. All you can do is protect your hearing from extreme noise exposure. You should certainly not always seek silence, because that can make the tinnitus more noticeable. It is also important to avoid extreme fatigue and prevent stress, which of course is always easier said than done.

But that will be the experience of the tinnitus do influence. Tinnitus is not harmful to hearing, tinnitus can be a result of hearing damage. You cannot treat tinnitus with surgery or medication. All you can do is mask. For example, you can softly set up a background sound such as television or radio, making the tinnitus less noticeable. No, if the complaints are symmetrical, that is, if they are comparable left and right, a visit to the ENT doctor is absolutely unnecessary. What is important to know; is that with asymmetry, a big difference between both sides, hearing or ringing in the ears or other complaints such as dizziness, a visit is definitely wise. These were the five most frequently asked questions about tinnitus. I hope that this also answers your questions..

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