Tinnitus Masking Test | CLIP 6 | Thailand Rain and Bird Sounds | 6400Hz|10,000+Hz Boost

This is the 6th clip in this Tinnitus MaskingTest. Ive boosted 6400Hz and everything above 10,000Hz. The rain was beginning to stop here, and the birds were quite active, so this is a very different sound to the other clips.
As always please be aware of triggering sounds and volumes if you are sensitive to this, and please leave a comment below if it works or not.

This one scored a low 19/325 in the original Test.


Hi All,
Interesting results from Part 1 !

Here are the numbers-

Total people took part = 325

Clip 1- 109 votes
Clip 2- 36 votes
Clip 3- 26 votes
Clip 4- 30 votes
Clip 5-70 votes
Clip 6- 19 votes
Clip 7- 19 votes

16 people found none of them worked at all, and a handful of people found it actually made their Tinnitus worse! ( sorry about that!!)Number 1 ( the highest pitch) was the clear favorite, with 5 also a strong favorite.I’m still digesting the many comments and input from you all, and I thank you massively for taking part and giving me such good feedback.

So now for PART 2 of the Test/Experiment-

I’m creating 7 individual videos of each clip, but longer versions.

Say 1 hour. Obvs I don’t need you to watch for 1 hour for the test!! But I know some of you will appreciate the longer versions for sleep etc.I’m going to be dramatically boosting certain frequencies within each one. The ones that I think was helping to mask your T.I know for sure, that no matter what I do, what works for some won’t work for others, but by you guys giving me more amazing feedback like in Part 1, then this will only help me to produce better material for us all.

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