Tinnitus Hearing Problem Treatment in Kolkata. By Dr T. K.Ghosh, Best ENT Surgeon in Kolkata India

Regards. I am Dr. Tushar Kanti Ghosh. Director of Ghsoh ENT Founation. Today, Tinnitus. We will talk about Tinnitus or murmur in the ear. Tinnitus is a strange disease which only the patient understands that he is hearing a murmur. But if you go near the patient's ear you will hear nothing. Only the patient will tell you they are hearing things. There might be different kinds of patients such as who hear less, which means you can hear less which can cause tinnitus or tinnitus can happen for normal hearing patients.

There could be patients with impaired hearing and tinnitus, and there could be patients with normal hearing and tinnitus. How? I will show you few sounds today. You will understand. Different sounds like this comes to patient's ear and they get irritated. It happens more when there is no sound around. There are different sounds. These are all type of tinnitus sounds.

People will Google and come to us saying tinnitus doesn't get better. Tinnitus gets better. First of all, we treat tinnitus with medicine. Patient needs to be less anxious. Tinnitus is related to anxiety. If hearing loss if there, we need to rectify it. If hearing is there, then we should start tinnitus treatment. In a silent room we give music therapy so they do not hear such sound and there is a masking effect. Also, before we only had a medicine called Ginkgo Biloba which is a vitamin but nowadays we provide caroverine and drug of choice. There are newly discovered molecules which are giving really good results. But you need to take those medicine for a long time, maybe a month, two months, three months, even upto four months. Tinnitus surgery is there but that is a reverse surgery and is not always successful. It can impair your hearing completely. Therefore tinnitus surgery is not very popular. We usually do tinnitus treatment, medicine treatment. And believe it that tinnitus, does get better nowadays. We do for almost 90% patients. If it doesn't get better with medicine, then there is tinnitus retaining therapy, masker, and other types of treatments.

Tinnitus can be healed with those. In tinnitus, the sound comes from inner ear, and at times nerves. Therefore you do not need to be disheartened. They used to say Tinnitus has no treatment but now we have seen success with tinnitus treatment..

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