Tinnitus fundamentals how to stop (manage) ringing in your ears

I'm Clara I'm 22 and I've been living with tinnitus now for two years and I've been diagnosed for a year for me I would say that tinnitus is a sound that is completely independent of the outside world and it kind of exists within your brain I'm Dennis I've had tinnitus now for over thirty years and I'm now 72 years old and the hearing is going and the tinnitus it's stabilized now but it's there all the time my name is Isabelle I'm 31 and five years ago I was diagnosed with tinnitus for me tinnitus at the beginning affected me really profoundly but over the last five years I've really learned how to live with it and it now honestly doesn't bother me when it's first but I said it was a silent very quiet ringing the noises like whistling ringing noise prior to my diagnosis I went to a lot of gigs and I never really realized how important looking after Myers was so I'd occasionally wake up the next morning and have ringing in my ears but it would go away but then one day after a gig I woke up my tinnitus never went away I started to have a real breakdown and eventually went to see any NT consultant who referred me on to a hearing therapist and through a process of sound therapy and counseling I was able to learn to live with tinnitus you

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