Tinnitus Cure – Recovery after 15 years of chronic tinnitus / by Tim Donohue

hello my name is Tim Donahue I'm from America I'm his singer songwriter musician I'm here to tell you about my story my story is one of desperation and despair and hopelessness and of a minute much suffering I'm here to tell you about my disease which is known as tinnitus it's a ringing of the ears it can be a hissing whistling crickets can be many sounds and I've went to many doctors and in the States for help which was of no help to me and so I became very desperate after going trying everything there is a acupuncture I've tried chiropractic care manipulation I've tried homeopathic methods I've tried every drugs that the United States has and nothing seemed to work so I began to get desperate and I got on the internet and I found out about some treatments in Germany and in Israel I first went to Germany because the German treatment was cheaper and I went to Germany and met a lady she told me about her treatment it takes 3 weeks so I tried the treatment some of the interesting details of the treatment was they have a method of giving you infusions for your 10th is for the ringing of the ears you give you infusions with the liquid made from potatoes and I asked the man does this have a good success rate he says no but there's nothing better and it's worth a try so I tried it 10 treatments very expensive and it didn't help at all so I became more desperate and more desperate all the time she said well I have another treatment it's called the ozone treatment we tried this it's oh three and they put a zone in your blood and you may take it out mix it up and put it back in your arms and it's supposed to give you better circulation and your inner ear and of course that's only if you have a condition known as cochlear tonight tinnitus and unfortunately I didn't have Coco tinnitus and this did not help either more dollars no help so I got really desperate after this didn't work she says we have another treatment we can try one where they put little cane directly in your ear it's a numbing drug that dentists use and I said sure I'll try it I'm here I'm here for treatment let's try it so it's when we tried it and I had ten treatments of that he put little cane in year and they give you electrical stimulation also and tried that ten there was no effect just like the other drug so I came more and more desperate I was really getting very depressed a lot of loss of sleep and very nervous and you know I'm in a country by myself trying to treat myself no help and it says was very very difficult and I kept looking on the internet and found that the I must go to Israel and I've started to feel better just knowing that I was in Israel because I heard about dr.

Shrum has a 90% success rate and tinnitus and he's one of the if not the foremost tinnitus specialist in the world so he said no problem call me next week and we'll set up an appointment for your first meeting so we set up an appointment he was very very nice a great job of explaining me the treatment and we started going through the motions and I started taking the medication after he he figured out he took a guess and guess where I'm of the location of my tinnitus was through his experience there is no way to find out exactly where the noise is coming from you cannot open your head up and dig around and find the noise it's something you must describe so through describing it to him he and the sounds I described he through his experience and he summarized where the noise was coming from and described the proper medication as he has various medications that the they've invented with the Israeli army in the past 19 years so he gave me the what he thought was a proper medication and I took it for a month now and miraculously received between 30 and 50 percent and reduction in volume in my tinnitus and I was very very happy very satisfied with treatment it was just incredible that it actually worked I traveled the whole world Germany and everything in the United States and tried and I finally came in Israel this is where the real little treatments are just amazing so far from my home thousand miles under my feet still a lot of street got to me the mountains are in my way wakfu valleys in the shade seasons changed and so did I I climb so higher than I time yes I tell she's got you

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