Tinnitus – Causes, Treatment & Prevention

tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing in the ear or head that cannot be attributed to an external source approximately ten percent of the population in the UK have suffered tinnitus so that's six million people around one percent of that number suffer severe tinnitus which impacts heavily on their daily life it can impact their mental health their working life their relationships and their friends tinnitus sufferers can hear many different sounds such as humming whistling hissing or whooshing sounds they may hear one sound or two sounds or more and it's not uncommon for the sounds to change and these sounds can be very frustrating sometimes they're not obvious and it's only a quiet periods do they become obvious to the sufferer tinnitus is usually as a result of being exposed to noise so if you've been in a noisy environment such as a workplace a noisy factory a nightclub a call center and you've had exposure to very loud noise usually above 85 dB you can suffer from tinnitus it is often associated with hearing loss as well but it can be a standalone condition there's no single treatment for tinnitus that works for everybody but through a combination of therapies and treatments and guidance it can be managed if you suffer tinnitus with hearing loss you might find that the use of hearing aids does assist we would suggest that you go to see eg P and you'd be referred to a specialist ENT surgeon or specialist ENT consultant who can assess you from a workplace perspective we would encourage all employers to make sure that they are aware of the noise levels within their working environment and we would encourage assessments noise surveys and the use of ear protection wherever and whenever possible there is a particular campaign called plugin which is aimed at young people young people who visit nightclubs and gigs and music festivals and it's there to try and encourage people to work earplugs there is a stigma attached to wearing earplugs and young people don't want to be seen with them in but it is essential if they want to protect their hearing that they wear earplugs now or they might find themselves suffering tinnitus or hearing loss or both in later life tinnitus is a very subjective condition and it's often called the invisible condition as a result of which it's very underestimated and also a little misunderstood the aim of tinnitus Awareness Week is to raise awareness about this condition which does affect a huge amount of people in the UK well here at Stevenson's we are supporting the tennis is awareness week highlighting the issues surrounding tinnitus and what you can do as an individual to protect yourself we also have a specialized team of solicitors who can work compassionately and expertly with people who believe they may have suffered tinnitus as a result of occupational exposure if as an individual you've worked in a noisy environment perhaps a nightclub perhaps a noisy factory and you believe you've suffered this condition as a result of your work then please come and speak to one of our experts and we will happily talk with you about whether or not we think you are entitled to some compensation if you believe you are suffering from tinnitus then please do not suffer in silence go and speak to your GP who can advise therapies and treatments that will help you manage your condition if you feel you've sorta Titus as a result of working in noisy environment then speak to a solicitor who will be able to discuss with you your situation and reassure you about that you

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