Tinnitus behandeln durch diesen Akupressurpunkt!

hey folks in this video goes and tinnitus and i want you guys one Acupressure point show from traditional chinese medicine can help you or get rid of tinnitus the root causes of teenagers tinnitus are extremely diverse and therefore very, very difficult to treat but I definitely suggest you guys to test this point x and precisely at this point here and that both ears tinnitus and indenting with both fingers with a middle entity of on both sides that means with the thumb and forefinger makes nice circles movement could change tinnitus circles and the whole thing takes 30 seconds for this and for most it will be for everyone if I can help very, very much I would recommend you at least for a week to make tinnitus every evening best if it could be for 30 seconds also like to do it twice that was already done today I am happy to write tinnitus in the comments if it helped you, I am also happy to give thumbs up if you liked the video and share it with pleasure with your tinnitus friends and acquaintances if you know that they suffer from tinnitus Finally, I wish you a nice day, see you tinnitus next video by then bye

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