Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity Testimonial

so this is Kelly and we've seen Kelly since August of 2012 and tell us why you came into our office I knew I had I had been diagnosed with some hearing loss and one of my ears and I also had tinnitus and sound sensitivity that was getting to be bothersome and let's talk about your sound sensitivity issues first because that's what we started treating you for for first what kinds of sounds were you sensitive to um in groups of people mostly in smaller spaces the sound most people tolerate fine but for me it would just be really hard to concentrate things would be it was just be very irritating inside my ears and then of course with tinnitus it was set it off somewhat I went home I would notice it more it would make it louder a lot by the end of the day yes okay and we started treating you just by actually using one device I think you had a hearing loss on the right side and you did not have a hearing loss in the lounge so we decided to just maybe try you at first with just one hearing aid or one combination device and tell us how that worked for you it definitely helped with hearing a lot and over time with working with you it helped in the sound sensitivity decrease dramatically and with the tinnitus it helped to a point but you like you said I hit a plateau and it was a long-term plateau and things weren't moving along so then you suggested the second device and so I opted to try that so we tried the second device after about a year so we probably went through sound sensitivity issues for maybe about three to six months and then we started treating the tinnitus and then after the tinnitus about maybe if six months or so then we added the second device and so she was fit with one combination device on the right side with a hearing aid and also sounds to treat the tinnitus and then on the left side there was no amplification and we put in just the tinnitus sounds and so now I'm seeing you and it's been about maybe six months with just the tinnitus treatment and then the amplification on the right side tell us how it's been going for you a lot better I noticed the first week after the second deviceless I was wearing it that my tinnitus dramatically started to decrease because I can now hear the sound more in the centre of my head it was balanced and soothing more equal before I could I always knew there was a sound over here but now with the balance it just began to decrease my tinnitus dramatically to the point that I would actually forget to wear my devices okay yeah so the other thing which I think is amazing – so um unfortunately Kelly's leaving now and she's moving up to another city and so we just wish you the best I think usually we'll find somebody to kind of pick up on your care if you've anything else you'd like to share it all well just that I I'm glad I came in for treatment i if I ever meet anybody with tinnitus that's bothering them I would say if you want to get in help and really get something that works to see a doctor that treats it because it's it's empowering to know you can have something to do that's going to overcome something that's that's been a difficult thing in your life that's causing it just causes a lot of people on tinnitus you're like it can cause relationship problems and a lot of distress and having an empower a way to empower yourself to to overcome it it's been the new this thing yes been good okay well thank you for sharing with my welcome

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