Tinnitus – कान का बजना, कान में अजीब आवाज आना | Tinnitus in Hindi | Dr Neetu Modgil ENT

Today I wanted to talk to you about Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing sound in the patient’s ear which only the patient can hear. In 1-2% of the cases the doctor can hear the sound using the Stethoscope. In 98-99% of the cases only the patient can hear the sound. It is important to find the cause of tinnitus as the patients often feel stressed because of the noise in their ears. Tinnitus is not a disease it’s a symptom. Finding out the disease that is causing the tinnitus is very important part of the treatment. As the patient deals with tinnitus they are usually very stressed and this can impact their family & social life. What are the causes of Tinnitus? It can be caused by Jaw Joint conditions or Dental conditions or Ear Wax or Ear tumour or Brain tumour or even a Heart Condition.

Symptoms of Tinnitus? Patients will hear hushing, ringing or buzzing sound just like the buzzing sounds you hear in the villages at night due to any of the causes I mentioned. Tinnitus may not resolve on its own & can’t be treated at Home. In 90% of the cases tinnitus is caused by Ear Conditions, so it is important for you to consult an ENT doctor. After finding out the cause, the doctor can treat the disease causing the Tinnitus. It is important to get treated at the earliest, because if the treatment is delayed, even after the treatment the patient will keep hearing the sounds. If you have tinnitus don’t delay the treatment, you must consult your ENT doctor right away. Thank You .

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