The Truth About Tinnitus │ Phonak Lyric™

(bright upbeat music) – An interesting new
way to produce a sound that's soothing is with Lyric. And Lyric is Phonak's only
extended-wearing hearing device. It's a great tinnitus option. I've been fitting it now since
2012 on tinnitus patients. And I think, if I remember the numbers, I've fit probably over 600 ears with Lyric since starting to use it
for tinnitus patients. And the reason why I love
it is it's the only option that provides 24/7
stimulation to the brain, and most of my tinnitus
patients do not turn their device off even at night. So even through sleeping,
they will keep that device on to give the brain that
stimulation it needs so that it's not looking
for the missing input. And that's probably the
most basic way to understand what we're trying to do with
tinnitus sound generators. We're trying to give them more sound, give the brain back the missing input so it stops searching for it.

If we can do that
consistently and constantly, we get a much better response..

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