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– Hey everyone. This is Dr. Ben Thompson here, audiologist with Pure Tinnitus. Thanks for being here
on my YouTube channel. Hey, have you been on different
online forums for tinnitus, whether that's in Facebook
groups or other websites? Some of them are pretty doom and gloom, others of them provide
very valuable information. One of the most recent
Facebook groups for tinnitus is one that is designed for people who have developed
hearing loss and tinnitus after the COVID vaccine. Within two months, the group has expanded
to over 2000 members and there's a lot of chat,
there's a lot of comments, there's a lot of posts about
what to do managing tinnitus and hearing loss after the COVID vaccine.

I wanted to make a video
from my perspective to try to help those who
might have developed tinnitus as a result of the COVID vaccine. This video will cover what to do, what the current theories are in terms of how tinnitus
develops after the COVID vaccine, is managing tinnitus
from the COVID vaccine any different from managing
tinnitus otherwise, and some basic tips that will
help anyone with tinnitus. Welcome to Pure Tinnitus,
my name is Dr. Ben Thompson.

If you're new to tinnitus, I
recommend considering going to the American Tinnitus Association. They have a new patient roadmap that walks you through the important steps of what to do after you've been diagnosed or after you develop
sudden onset tinnitus. I recommend seeing an audiologist
or hearing doctor early and especially one who has familiarity with tinnitus patients. Try not to overanalyze and obsess about solving
tinnitus immediately because that can have diminishing returns, also consider working with
your general practitioner, your family doctor, to manage sleep and consider how we can manage anxiety and stress because that can fuel tinnitus and make it much louder than
it otherwise would have been.

And please, please and I say
please, do not waste your money on miracle pills or follow
some comment posts online about some unknown herbal supplement that will take away tinnitus. Please save your money. I jumped into that Facebook group I was talking about earlier and I did an ask me anything type post, where I was able to help
people who had questions for an audiologist. And from that post, there was a large number
of responses and questions. So now for the rest of this video, I will go question by
question with my answer about how I helped them. I want to make this very clear that no matter what caused tinnitus, it is possible and it is
likely that the perception and the volume of sudden
onset tinnitus will go down. There is a natural
process called habituation and unless someone has
a sustained activation of the limbic system, the
emotional centers of the brain or the autonomic nervous system, which is the automatic
functioning of the physical body often manifesting with anxiety or stress.

If those systems are kept at bay, tinnitus can naturally get better. Working with an audiologist
can induce that habituation, which means allow it to
happen as fast as quickly as easy as possible. So I must give you that
hope if you're new to this, and I must tell you from
my personal experience that this does happen. Loud volume tinnitus does not stay loud for everyone forever. Your sudden onset tinnitus
will very likely get better, so let's figure out how we do that. Question number one, from
this group someone asked, I'm over a month in with this tinnitus is there anything I can
do to get rid of this? Yes, many people can reduce their tinnitus perception and volume.

The first step is to make
sure there's no hearing loss because a hearing loss
can be a main factor in developing tinnitus. Make sure you work with an audiologist to get your hearing straight. If that means technology to help you hear or to help your tinnitus, strongly consider that,
that does help people and functionally I want you to increase your self-care three times. Why would I do that? It sounds so simple. Increase yourself self-care three times. What can we do to promote healthy changes to affect the systems for
stress, anxiety, sleep and fear? Because when those
systems are kept at bay, the body and brain can naturally
reduce tinnitus over time. Trust me on this, I've seen it and wanted to make sure to
give that message again.

Now I've made a lot of videos on this YouTube channel about
mindfulness, sound therapy, meditation, sleep, stress,
anxiety, hearing aids all of that comes
together to help someone. I don't care what caused the tinnitus, all of those factors can be used to dramatically help the
symptom for what's going on. Now, particularly to this
case, with the tinnitus as a result of the COVID vaccine, there is a theory that there's a neuro inflammatory response. So that means considering
an anti-inflammatory diet might be of use. I myself I'm not a nutritionist, however, I do dabble with nutrition and essentially an anti-inflammatory diet, means putting foods into our body that do not cause an
inflammation response. Basically, a stress
response from our body. Eating lots of processed
sugar, eating lots of breads, eating lots of processed carbs, those kinds of things can
have an inflammatory response for a type of person.

Now it's advised to work
with the nutritionist, I have worked with the
nutritionist myself in the past. It's recommended, it's advised to see proper
professional help if possible because when you're doing these
kinds of changes long-term, it can affect your energy
levels and we don't want that. So keep that in mind. So if you develop tinnitus as
a result of the COVID vaccine, I believe that all of these techniques and tools will still help you. So please do not think, oh, none of that applies to me Dr. Ben, because my tinnitus is different, I developed it from the COVID vaccine. So I'm going to find
what's going to work for me not all of this other stuff that works for other people with tinnitus. If you find yourself
telling yourself that story, please try to check yourself. Try to follow what the
medical professionals like myself are recommending.

And I promise you're
very likely to get better with this condition. Question number two here
is for those with symptoms after the first shot, any thoughts or experience with the
second shot making it worse or is it prolonging the
possible recovery time? So some individuals are
affected by the first shot, others are only affected
by the second shot. I polled the pure tinnitus
community here on YouTube, I'll put an image up of that. And about 2/3 of patients reported that they did not experience changes to their tinnitus after the second shot. Now, this data is definitely skewed because why are people
on my YouTube channel? Because they have bothersome
tinnitus, most likely. So take the information
there with a grain of salt. However, what I wanted to
show is that even people who are struggling with tinnitus or who did develop
tinnitus in recent times, a majority of them did
not have worsened tinnitus after the second COVID vaccine.

So one consideration is that this vaccine that you're considering
taking it's designed to be most effective after two shots. However, there still is
some effect after one shot. Also keep in mind, COVID
itself has been known to cause hearing and tinnitus issues. So you have to choose a path and please when you choose
either one or the other, try to prepare your immune system, try to enter that with calm
and ease that will give your body the best
chance of not developing a change to tinnitus or
developing more tinnitus. Okay, the next question here is what is causing this
reaction to the vaccine, is it inflammation? That's a good question
that the medical community is investigating right now. Some possible causes
include infection of nerves, autoimmune damage or blood clots. The important thing to know here is that you don't necessarily need a diagnosed hearing loss
to develop tinnitus. And even though this sudden onset tinnitus as a result of the COVID
vaccine might seem strange and totally unique to you,
if you're watching this, there are many people I
work with via Telehealth who have developed sudden onset tinnitus that we figure out why that
started by looking back into their past, external
factors like work stress, difficult periods of health,
periods of stress or anxiety.

Oftentimes those are linked
with the onset of tinnitus. So even if your hearing is not damaged or your hearing is in the normal range, you can still develop tinnitus. The methods that we teach
here on this YouTube channel will still apply for you. The next question here is
this reaction temporary and how long will it take to recover? My response here is
consistent with the work I do with tinnitus retraining therapy to help people get better. So let me read my response. Yes, this reaction is temporary. For most patients with tinnitus, the body incorrectly analyzes the auditory sensations in the brain and increases the perception
of the sound of tinnitus.

Then stress, anxiety, insomnia and fear can potentially make it louder and sustain in loudness. Working with a tinnitus specialist either in-person or via Telehealth. It is typical to improve
the anxiety, stress, and insomnia around tinnitus
within one to three months. The loudness of tinnitus can calm down too but for most people that happens
between six and 12 months. So it can get softer. Now that said sudden changes to tinnitus after the COVID vaccine. I have seen reports, I
have worked with people, I have received emails about
more rapid changes happening in three months or less. So that's definitely possible, but without knowing the full science and the full data on
that, it's safer to say that this will get better in
a longer-term time window. Sometimes these patients
are prescribed prednisone, which is a steroid and
is typically prescribed for someone who has a
sudden loss of hearing or sudden vertigo, for example.

And that's targeted to
the eighth cranial nerve, the nerve that is
targeted hearing, tinnitus and balance or vestibular problems. In my understanding,
prednisone is only prescribed for patients who have sudden hearing loss not sudden onset tinnitus. However, I have seen
in the Facebook groups that some medical doctors
are prescribing prednisone for sudden tinnitus without hearing loss. So there are some side
effects of taking steroids, check with your doctor about
if that's right for you. So if you're watching this
the main takeaway question is why does tinnitus start
after the COVID vaccine? One possible explanation
is that what's happening is a heightened immune response which causes neuroinflammation
affecting the systems that can develop tinnitus. So certainly this is a
cross specialty issue involving different professionals from different medical
communities, immunology, neurology, ENT, and audiology.

So if we can all come together, we're hoping that we
can do everything we can to make this symptom of tinnitus happen for a short period of
time and reduce in volume as quickly as possible for you or anyone watching or
anyone that you know, family or friends that may have suffered with tinnitus after the COVID vaccine. My name is Dr. Ben Thompson. I am the creator and
founder of

I make these videos to
help you, to educate you. Please give a thumbs up if this video did. Thank you so much and check out this next video on my side, where I will talk a
bit more about tinnitus and what you can do. Thank you, bye..

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