The Cure For Hearing Loss | Part 1 – Things That Will NOT Cure Hearing Loss

welcome to the first video in a series where I'm talking about ongoing research to find a cure for hearing loss coming up all right so I wanted to start a series to discuss the recent advances in research to find a cure for hearing loss and a lot of this research has been going on for a while but as of late it has picked up some steam the sad fact is is that hearing loss is a worldwide epidemic and the World Health Organization has estimated that over four hundred and sixty-six million individuals suffer from a disabling type of hearing loss and even though there's a treatment option for basically every type of hearing loss that exists researchers have been hard at work trying to find a cure but to understand what we're trying to cure we have to understand how we hear first sound enters your outer ear through the ear canal and vibrates your eardrum this vibration is transferred through your middle ear by the three middle ear bones this vibration then enters the inner ear which contains your cochlea inside of your cochlea you have a number of structures including three fluid filled chambers a basilar membrane outer hair cells and inner hair cells the cochlea converts this vibration into an electrical impulse with the help of the outer and inner hair cells this signal is then sent up the auditory nerve to the brain where the auditory cortex can interpret the sound causing you to hear over 90 percent of hearing losses are due to damage inside of the cochlea to these inner and outer hair cells so when we're talking about curing hearing loss we're specifically talking about regrowing or restoring these inner and outer hair cells so before we start talking about potential cures let's talk about a few things that are not cures for hearing loss and the first one is at home remedies mixing olive oil and garlic or any other substances together and pouring that solution into your ear canal will not cure your hearing loss in fact this solution will stop right at your eardrum so it won't even get to the cochlea that has the damaged inner and outer hair cells on top of that you're making yourself more susceptible to an ear infection and you'll probably have to get your ears professionally cleaned out the second thing that will not cure your hearing loss are these supplements or pills that you buy online in stores pills that claim to restore your natural hearing are not based on science and they will not regrow your inner or outer hair cells and the third thing that is not a cure for hearing loss is acupressure or massage now I am a former massage therapist so I definitely believe that there is a place for acupressure and massage for treating certain types of conditions primarily these conditions are muscular when we're talking about hearing loss we are not talking about a muscular dysfunction we are specifically talking about cells that are inside of your cochlea there is no research that indicates that acupressure or massage has any impact on hearing I can promise you this the cure for hearing loss will be way more complicated than any at home remedy over-the-counter pill or acupressure or massage technique however there is hope researchers have already identified that birds can regrow hair cells and even though humans can't regrow hair cells humans actually can regrow liver tissue and intestinal tissue these two findings have given hope to researchers to be able to kind of combine these two aspects to enable humans to regrow or regenerate dead hair cells and this is precisely what a company named decimal therapeutics is hard at work trying to figure out in fact this company has already made impressive advances in the area of hair cell regeneration but if you want to learn more about the research you're gonna have to stay tuned to my next video in this series called the cure for hearing loss that's it for this video if you have any questions leave them in the comments section below if you like the video please share and if you want to see more videos just like this one go ahead and hit that subscribe button I'll see you next time [Music]

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