Terry D’s Story – Tinnitus Treatment Solution

When I first noticed my tinnitus I was in
my 20s and it started as a really slight ringing in my ear that I would only hear if I was
alone. It's gotten to the point
where it's so loud in my right ear that I have trouble hearing people with soft voices. I have trouble hearing TV shows and I especially
have trouble hearing voices on the phone and that's a big part of my job. It's very frustrating if you can't hear
because you have this loud noise in your ear. When I have this product in my ears
I feel calm. It enables me to hear people better. I can just work with people,
I can hear things and I don't have to be stressed about straining to hear
like I've had to before.

There is something about it, it feeds that
white noise Into me and it offsets my loud tinnitus so
it cuts down on the noise that I'm hearing and I can just hear so much better. It's amazing..

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