tDCS – Tinnitus, Writing & Proofreading

hey so I thought was about time I do a tDCS video because it's been a while and I did say that I was going to be doing some experimentation with tDCS and things that can help me become a better writer that's really one of reasons why I purchased the device and I did those tests and I never posted a video and there's a reason why it's because I had no success so I tested it with three things I tested it with proofreading with writing in general and also with brainstorming and I can tell you a brainstorming I did t4r with the positive and the t3l the negative with the proofreading I did f10 and then with the writing I did left temple or I did left temple so I did each time I you know I kind of did some experiments so example with with proofreading what I did was I took a bit of text and I put it on where I put it on and then I proof read what I was writing and then I later after that put some time between us maybe the next day I'm not sure and then did the test again and proof read like a similar length of text and after that I waited it by putting the same text through the two pieces of text from grammerly calm to see whether there was a difference on how many how many errors I caught and it turns out it was exactly the same like there was no difference between in terms of the number of errors remaining between when I was doing tDCS and when I wasn't even tedious to you see yes and the other ones were a little bit more abstract because you know writing I thought maybe I would have like an experience where my mind is clear and I was able to write better while doing it no it was exactly the same and then the same thing brainstorming like I found no real benefit from doing tDCS with brainstorming somehow as you know so I was avoiding making the video because there's nothing positive report and then on top of that I did some experimentation with 10 assists it's that it's ringing in the ears and I've had four since I was like 12 or something and it's kind of annoying so I thought since there were some experiments talked about with tDCS and tinnitus and how it improves it I thought this is wonderful so I tried it and I did it on the though let see the were rich area I did – I didn't I did they're two different things suggested for tinnitus and I tried both of them and then I and I I did them like you know he's individual sections like I tried one area in I tried the other area and had no reduction kind of gave up for a little bit but then another article saying that a study was done like over a time period so so overall after a week they've the people in the study found a reduction in the ringing so I did it for eight days and again I got no results so it seems that I've not been able to find any sort of benefit for TVCs outside of the learned helplessness / depression area that was exceptional I still it has not returned the thing that I was using it for the the repetitive phrases that I was initially using it for have not returned any sort of depression iraq has not returned so that has worked exceptionally well but i have not had any success of anything else i'm sorry to say but i did you know does work it just only works with certain things and people might have different experiences that they have but i hope that was helpful and you can always check out my other videos showing it that did work above I'm sure there's a link so if anything comes up or if you guys suggest that I try a different area for anything as I've mentioned please do mention the comment section below if you like the video please give sup and you know you can always share it and you can always subscribe um until the next video I'll see you soon bye

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