Studying The Brain And Tinnitus – Health Yourself Guide

How did you get started in this? What
what drew you to this area? Well I guess before even going to my education I did
have an uncle who was a car mechanic and you know he was exposed to a lot of
noise in the body shop. He obviously didn't wear hearing protection and
that's where the issue kind of started. So because of that not only did he damage
his hearing but he developed this constant high-pitched tone that he would
always hear. And it was really disruptive in his life but there really wasn't
anything he could do about it. So I always kind of took that with me. We were
very close and I always remembered that kind of struggle and when I was kind of
determining where I would go in terms of research, in a research field I knew it'd
be related to the brain but I came along across a research a researcher at
McMaster University who was focused on tinnitus and I decided to join that lab
and that's where I completed my PhD trying to understand, changes in the brain and how they're linked to tinnitus.

And that's
really kind of how I initially got into it and understanding it and there's only
after I finished my PhD I used some of that knowledge and those ideas to think
of okay we know how to brain is linked to tinnitus. Can we now try to
make use of some of those mechanisms in the brain to reduce the tinnitus as well?.

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