Stop telling people there is no cure for tinnitus!

I'd like to have our school health practitioners dealing with people with tinnitus to stop telling them that there is nothing they can do about tinnitus this is not true I had tinnitus for twenty years and they don't have tinnitus anymore I have it very very badly and I've worked with hundreds of people with tinnitus and I know that if you bring their nervous system out of the state of fight-or-flight and you help explain to them what tinnitus is and how it works they start to get better symptoms start to back off to state the obvious if somebody has a torturous sound in their head and they come to you for help and you say there's no cure there's nothing you can do about it what's going to happen they're going to freak out feel terrified extremely anxious and because tinnitus is directly linked to the central nervous system this is going to cause a massive spike in their tinnitus possibly or is going to cause them to feel depressed or at worst it can have very very serious consequences indeed please can you tell people with tinnitus that they need to help their nervous system settle and they need to get out of their heads get into their body follow a body based practice which calms the nervous system down and help some system their system release and let go it doesn't matter if they've had an operation for an acoustic neuroma or Gamma Knife surgery or anything any strong invasive interventions their tinnitus even in these extreme situations can still back off the worst case scenario is that they will go through what's called habituation where they get so used to the tinnitus that they stop reacting to it it just becomes like a part of the furniture when this happens the way they manage tinnitus it improves and they can start to settle and relax and as a result symptoms can back off so if they find therapy to help release and let go of their central nervous system this can be very helpful for tinnitus if they can go and see a psychotherapist and unpack their issues of they're full of rage or anger or things they've haven't digested or processed if they go and see a therapist and help release their stuff unpack their stuff and find some resolution this will also help their nervous system settle settling getting in touch with stillness a sense of space a sense of calm helps tinnitus back off it is not a quick fix it takes time it takes a skill of a therapist who knows how to hold the process of the clients to help them over a period of time settle relax and in my experience symptoms back off so please stop misinforming people with tinnitus that there's no cure or there's nothing they can do about it this does untold damage and what you're really doing is advertising the fact that you cannot help them it'd be much more fruitful to refer them to people who can help them settle release and let go there are many people in the world like me who used to have tinnitus badly and no longer have it today so this is my wish please if you want to contact me you can find my information on my website with people on tinnitus on my website please feel free to contact me for further information thank you

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