So funktioniert die Kalmeda Tinnitus-App

Welcome to Kalmeda – the tinnitus app. The Kalmeda Tinnitus App is based on the therapy recommendations of the scientific guidelines and contains all the necessary measures to help you cope with your tinnitus and bring more peace into your life again. The core of Kalmeda GO is cognitive behavior therapy because whether a tinnitus bothers you or not decides above all your inner attitude and this can best be influenced with behavioral therapy measures. To do this, you go through five levels, each with 9 stages You learn to integrate relaxation into your everyday life, to practice more mindfulness and to change things in your own way through inner calm and acceptance. The individual stages systematically build on one another and teach you step by step how to recognize harmful attitudes that make you suffer from tinnitus and replace them with helpful settings. You get to know the power of your subconscious desires and your strengths and how to use them in a targeted manner On your way, you set your own goals that correspond to you and your feelings.

Again and again you will receive help that will support you in achieving these goals. You build up a network of helpers. The behavior therapy lasting several months is supplemented by a knowledge section, pleasant background and nature sounds, Relaxation exercises and guided meditation that you can be reminded of at any time. Even after successfully completing the exercise program you can continue to use the Kalemda tinnitus app as Kalmeda Plus to ensure your therapy success and continue to use all functions of the app. Try it out now – start your Kalmeda GO! Kalmeda GO – the effective help against tinnitus..

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