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I have tinnitus And it came all of a sudden about half a year ago. This sound was a howling marked sound on the left ear. A true sound that you hear on hearing tests. The last six months I had one in advance. Demanding leadership position with a lot of stress and little sleep. And in the same period, there were several cool things that happened privately. Now the tinnitus sound has become a light, high-frequency sound both. Orene, with varying which side is the dominant. It is calm in the morning and often gets stronger during the day. Sometimes it calms down even in the evening. I can also experience that the sound follows the oscillations of other external sounds. In the beginning, I experienced the sound as very uncomfortable and stressful. The thought of having to live with this for the rest of my life was unbearable. At the same time I had a hope that if I took action. about having a less stressful life, then things would get better. I sought help to try to get rid of the problems with tinnitus. What I have learned is that, among other things, listening exercises and relaxation exercises.

I also learned to stretch and stretch which was also a great help to me. I still have a stressful life. But I have learned to live with it. What helps first and foremost is the right knowledge. on what tinnitus is and what affects. And especially that it is not a dangerous sound. It is very important to reach out to professionals who can provide hope for improvement. UiO: Department of Special Education
The Faculty of Education

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