Ringing in the Ear (Tinnitus) caused by Muscle Pain and Joint Stiffness


hi I’m Julie Donnelly from Jill strong muscular Therapy Center I’ve developed the unique Jill Stroh techniques to be a self treatment system to release the muscle spasms caused by repetitive strain injuries today we’re going to talk in pain-free living about a condition that one normally doesn’t think as being involved with muscles at all and yet it very much is the condition is tinnitus ringing in the ear loss of equilibrium you feel dizzy and people will be going they’ll get tested for everything that that the neurologist can think of the ents will think of and it just doesn’t go away had a gentleman who came into the medical office I was working and he said to the doctor if this just ringing doesn’t stop I’m just going to kill myself I can’t stand it any longer so the doctor said well I’m sending you to the ENT and for sure they’ll find something so after he left I said to the doctor if they don’t find anything would you let me take a look at him so he didn’t believe that muscles had anything to do with it so he says oh sure sure sure well a week later this gentleman is on my table and it turned out they couldn’t find anything no tumors no problems the muscle right here is called sternocleidomastoid and it originates here on your collarbone it inserts here on the mastoid bone which is right behind your ear when the muscle contracts you turn in the opposite direction so if the right one contracts you turn left and when the left one contracts you turn right problem is as the muscle is tight it’s pulling down on the mastoid bone as it’s doing that inside are the little tiny bones that are tapping together in order for you to hear well it’s pulling and so it changes the alignment and instead of tapping this way they’re tapping this way and you get this ringing in your ear so I had this gentleman on my table and I grabbed here and instantly the tears all welled up in his eyes and they’re coming out and he’s like barely able to breathe and I wasn’t holding it that hard but I started to hold it a little bit harder a little bit harder and as that happened he’s looking at me and he’s going it’s getting lighter it’s getting lighter and then he looked me when it’s gone it was that fast it took maybe maybe five minutes when we came out he looked at the doctor and he said why did you make me suffer a full week when she was right at the end of your hallway here and he just looked he looked at this gentleman and then he looked at me he said you mean you’re better and he said yes I’m better and he wasn’t too happy that he had suffered an extra week when he left the doctor said to me okay what did you do why did you do it how did you do it and I told him and he was thrilled because he hadn’t had great success with his patients with tinnitus and now he had a way of being able to treat people right there in his office if you’re suffering with tinnitus please look at muscles as a potential cause yes it can be caused by something more serious but muscles are quick and easy to treat and to eliminate please visit me at my website jewel stroke calm or come to one of the clinics that I teach around the country I hope to meet you one day thank you


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