Pulssynchroner Tinnitus – Zentrum für Neuroradiologie – Klinik Hirslanden

that felt why to endure this kind of noise day and night so there you can jump off the bridge you have a form of tinnitus den man referred to as so-called pool synchronous tinnitus that means the same how you experienced it is that is the noise it comes with the heartbeat you can feel it on the pulse here and then it comes in mine ears in the head usually carry blood away from brain tissue and arteries if the tissue bleeds, of course, and there is a pathological short circuit between this artery and the vein and that is very close to your ear so that When you hear this form of tinnitus, illnesses are common vessels too basic and one can do that very well by means of Magnetic resonance imaging as it was done with you diagnosis was made because it was a rare one So don't equate tinnitus with doing long-term, but rather with the heartbeat was unbearable for so four months just with whole strong sleeping pills slept with this disease you have to rule it out or see if it is a potentially dangerous fist is i.e.

there is possibly a risk of bleeding because of this there is a short circuit between the material and the venous system venous system is overloaded we have a treatment with you carried out this short circuit by means of a micro catheter to this fistula that it is important to have this connection between the arterial and venous system switched off so you have the disease cured and the noise in the ears was treated at the same time after the anesthesia I woke up under general anesthesia and the noise was gone, I have nothing Heard more it was like a redemption like a new one Life.

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