Past Treatments For Tinnitus – Health Yourself Guide

When we talk about the norm that was
definitely probably the norm before and in some cases probably still is people
will end up going to their GP first and if the GP isn't aware of any options out
there then they will tell them that they're gonna have to learn to live with
it. To cope in some way but other than that there a couple of paths. The GP may
refer them to an ENT or an ear nose and throat doctor for some further testing
and and sometimes there are things that they can pick up that the ENT might be
able to deal with surgically.

It's very rare but there could be things like a
growth that's kind of pushing on a nerve that leads into their brain. And
it leads you to hear a sound. If you can remove that then you can kind of get rid
of the tinnitus but that is actually quite rare. So in most cases in the past
if people were not told to live with it and they might seek out something like a
masker and a masker is still sound but it might be like a white noise or pink
noise or some random tones. And you might get them in like a tabletop speaker. Or
in some cases could have even been through a hearing aid that will play it.
And a masker is kind of self-explanatory. It works to cover up or mask the
tinnitus so while you would listen to it it would cover it up. But then whenever
you don't have it on the tinnitus is still there.

And so it's more of like a
tool to try to cope throughout the day but depending on what you're using
especially if you don't have hearing loss listening for eight to ten hours a
day to white noise isn't the ideal either. So that was something
that existed. And then the final thing is counselling you know we talked about the
emotional aspect of tinnitus. So people have benefited from getting
certain kinds of counseling programs. It could be cognitive behavioral
therapy. Or it could be something called tinnitus retraining where they are kind
of counseled by someone that has received specific training on this. Which
unfortunately is not always easy to find the person like that. Sounds very niche.
Yeah and and you'll go through that counseling too to help you to I guess
not be as affected by the sound and try to see it as a more neutral sound than

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