Otomagnetics to Treat Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, and Ear Infections

Otomagnetics has developed an experimental platform technology that offers magnetotherapy For the targets of inner ear, eye and skin infections. This is accomplished through the use of a minimally invasive magnetic injection platform for delivery Therapeutic nanoparticles to better penetrate these organs. Nanoparticles are made of biodegradable magnetic particles consisting only of Substances that have already been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for injection into the body. The inner ear is difficult to treat because it is protected by the skull The walls of the blood vessels are largely impermeable. This limits the passage of most drugs from the blood into the cochlea. Even with injection of the membrane through the tympanic membrane, drug delivery depends on passive diffusion from Through the round window resulting in ineffective and limited drug delivery. With the Otomagnetics Delivery Platform, the meticulously designed magnetic field conducts the Nanoparticles from the middle ear to the cochlea via the round window membrane Efficiently and effectively. Once inside the cochlea, the drug is released from the molecules to treat hearing loss or Tinnitus or hearing protection during chemotherapy regimens.

The current treatment for middle ear infections is systemic antibiotics and / or tube insertion In chronic cases. Magnetic aural injection will enable effective non-surgical treatment to be delivered quickly to Middle ear chamber without surgery or perforation of the eardrum. The nanoparticles will be magnetically guided through the eardrum and efficiently reach The middle ear where it then releases antibiotics and / or anti-inflammatory drugs In therapeutic doses.

With the promise of nanoparticles, Otomagnetics offers an effective advanced system with minimal invasiveness To deliver drugs to meet multiple unmet clinical needs..

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