Open your door to tinnitus

the sounds of tinnitus differ among the more than 45 million Americans who have it my tinnitus sounds like a high-pitched screech my tinnitus is in full orchestra my tenant just sounds like picture yourself in a forest and it's very quiet at night and all you hear is the crickets that's solid sound no break mine is a little bit higher but not as loud my tennis makes me feel like I have a disability that's quote an invisible disability and it no one understands it my tenant just sounds like constant as a hearing care professional it can be difficult to know where to begin the first step is to understand what tinnitus is in how dialogue and assessment can help hi my name is Kendall Sanchez I'm knowledge ease and product manager for medicine as Tara to odometer Auto metrics I'm here to tell you about the benefits of conducting a tinnitus assessment for your tinnitus patients a tinnitus assessment can help you with the diagnostic and treatment selection and it can strengthen the relationship you have with your patients let me explain by showing you six ways of tinnitus assessment can help you any operations select treatment a tinnitus assessment makes it easier to categorize the tinnitus and select treatment patients can react very differently when listening to the same acoustical stimulus a tinnitus assessment helps to find out what treatment works best establish a reference point a tinnitus assessment provides a common reference points this helps you to monitor changes in the tinnitus and treatment efficacy determine treatment guidelines where the tinnitus assessment you can measure the masks ability or the pitch matching these helps to set the level and spectrum of the stimulus used in the sound therapy but a tinnitus assessment can also help strengthen the relationship between you and your patients improve communication a tinnitus assessment gives an objective picture of the tinnitus and it gives you end patience a way to talk about the symptoms reassure and counsel tinnitus makes many patients feel insecure because the people around them cannot hear the sound that they hear measuring the tinnitus shows them that it's real and the assessment helps to increase understanding and empathy between your patient and family members finally legal documentation when necessary a tinnitus assessment can serve as legal documentation it provides validation for the presence of the tinnitus the degree of impairment disability and/or indicate if it's not curable make it give us things that treat it give us options figure out what works the best open your door to tinnitus the first step towards better tinnitus management you

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