Neosensory Tinnitus Device & Covid-19 Vaccine | Monthly News Update | Ep. 08

(short hip hop music) – Hello, my name is Dr. Ben Thompson. I'm an Audiologist with Pure Tinnitus. I'm the founder. I'm making this video as part
of our monthly newsletter for June, 2021. And before I get into the new
updates about Pure Tinnitus, and the new updates about what's happening in the world of tinnitus, I want to say thank you for
being a part of this community, for subscribing to this YouTube channel, and for consistently
watching these videos. I hope they're meaningful
and helpful for you because I have a lot of joy
and passion in creating them. Quick roundup, quick schedule
of what you can expect here on the YouTube channel. The first Sunday of every month, we have this video newsletter, giving you an overall
update of what's happening in the world of tinnitus. The second Sunday of every month, we have a podcast interview episode, where I'm interviewing
another professional in the world of tinnitus, and that is worth checking out. Of course, also, we have educational YouTube
videos with Pure Tinnitus, and those are released every Tuesday.

If you're in the United States, that will be released
every Tuesday morning. The first update here is for anyone who may
have developed tinnitus as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine. I see you, I hear you, your experience is real, and probably scary. I've worked with some
of you via tele-health. This can be hard, and tinnitus can come up suddenly. It can be very scary for those who have a
sudden on-set increase in their tinnitus. It's not easy. However, there's many resources. Check out our videos here to
give you a good headstart. Reach out to us. Leave a comment if you need any help, or have any questions. I wanted to address that
there is a Facebook group of over 2000 individuals who
have developed hearing loss, or tinnitus as a result
of the COVID-19 vaccine. There's multiple vaccines. Sometimes people get
them on different doses. There's a lot of variability. And, a theory that's being tossed around is that this is a neuro
inflammatory response of tinnitus in the brain, or effecting the auditory centers as well.

That's likely, that is possible. That means treating tinnitus, follow tinnitus retraining therapy, follow the protocols
that we have in place. Also, consider what we can do to reduce that neuro
inflammatory response. Talking to your ENT doctor about this is a great decision. Considering talking to an immunologist, or another doctor who works
with the immune system, as well as, of your interest. I have a patient of mine
who I've been working with for about two months now, and over the last two months they've taken everything
I've said very seriously, and they've followed
tinnitus re-training therapy plus the mindfulness meditation that we have on this YouTube channel.

And, I typically don't
release the full testimonies, or the full interviews
for podcasts with patients until it's been six
months after their onset of bothersome tinnitus, but for this case, with the COVID-19 vaccine side effects, the recovery might be quicker. And this patient, who
I've been working with, they were in tears sharing their story that within two months
they've dramatically improved hearing periods of silence, the volume has changed dramatically. I won't go into the full story, but they just gave me
permission to share this for those who have developed tinnitus as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine, that they were able to recover
given their specific history. it might not be yours, so don't expect this, but I just wanted to make that clear. I don't like to post success stories until it's been six months after the onset of bothersome tinnitus, but I felt like this was
worth explaining that due to COVID-19 vaccine, sometimes the recovery can
take less than three months. Second update here on the newsletter is an exciting relationship
with the company Neosensory.

Pure Tinnitus is being
contracted by Neosensory to provide tinnitus therapy consultations to go along with their wristband product, formerly known as Neosensory Buzz, now called Neosensory Duo. I made a full detailed review on how this wristband is
designed to show the brain that tinnitus is an internal sound, not an external sound by
using bi-modal stimulation, and vibrating pulses on the skin. Please watch that other
video on our channel here to get a full detailed review. Overall, it's still early
in the research development, but when I was put in
contact with this company, it was very clear that Pure Tinnitus is specializing in the
counseling, the therapy, the overall management of
the psychology and sleep of a tinnitus patient, and the sound therapy as well. Whereas, this company, Neosensory, is focused on bi-modal stimulation, and how technology can be used to promote neuroplasticity as well. So we talked, and we decided
to put out a collaboration where Pure Tinnitus is
being contracted by them to provide services for their pro package. Meaning, that they have the wristband, and they also have a pro option, a premium option for their product, and Pure Tinnitus is
helping out with that.

So, a few thoughts. Number one, the research
is relatively early, and it's not strong enough to
say definitely, absolutely, you must try this. Something reaches that level, I'll be very cautious before
I say something like that. But, nothing that I've seen so far has reached that level of
breakthrough technology everyone has to try this if
it's in your financial means. This Neosensory products
is relatively new. It's backed on years and years of research into bi-modal stimulation. It can supplement the
tinnitus re-training therapy. It can supplement the
foundational concepts of getting better with tinnitus which involve sound therapy, psychology, and calming the central nervous system, the autonomic nervous system. This wristband device causes no harm. Absolutely does not cause any harm, and it's based in a lot of science that I'm confident long-term, will have some positive benefits similar to the Lenire
device out of Ireland. That's something we're monitoring. So, I wanted to bring that up. That obviously I have a
relationship with this company. So this is a little sensitive, because I'm talking about a product that I'm working with a company, the manufacturer of that product.

So I just wanted to be
completely transparent, and share that all with you. Now, I have had many of you who have purchased the device because you're looking for anything that you can do that might help, and this would fit into the realm of this is an evidence-based, this is a scientific approach to treating tinnitus that can
provide a marginal benefit. That's the only reason why I would link up with a company. I'm also really excited because, many people think that technology is going to be the main change
in improving their tinnitus.

From what I have found, technology is a big part of it, but also the one-on-one counseling, and the holistic management
of the human being, the individual, the person, over a matter of months is really key. So what we're providing in
this new business collaboration is that Pure Tinnitus
is providing counseling at the beginning of the two
month neosensory program, and at the end. So I'm hoping this provides extra value, and actually helps people
manage their condition. They're giving our audience
here at Pure Tinnitus a special discount on
their neosensory product. You can check the description
below of this video to find that out, as well as a card, which we'll put up here. You can check that out as well. The most up-to-date discount
codes for the Neosensory Duo, and the premium pro version
of working with Pure Tinnitus, they will be sent out to
the Pure Tinnitus email list starting right after this video, the next week after
this video is released. So, make sure you're on our
Pure Tinnitus email list.

Head over to PURETINNITUS.COM. You can sign up for the email list, and you'll be sure that
you'll be included. I hope that you consider this device, but also, you don't need
this wristband device to get better. Third update real quick here, is that the Tinnitus
Meditation Challenge went live, and it had a lot of participants. Now all of those meditations are released completely free on YouTube, and as someone who
meditates five days a week, five mornings a week, I am so happy to know that all of these meditations
are available for free, and that no matter what
socioeconomic background, no matter what financial
means someone has, as long as they have internet, they can access these meditations, which are mindfulness meditations designed to help with anxiety and stress. That makes me very happy.

So please use them. Overall, that's been getting
a really positive result. We polled our community here. About 75% of people enjoy the meditations. 25% of people did not connect with them, and that's fine. I'm happy to know that
this works for some, and not others. Finally, our website, PURETINNITUS.COM has new articles that have
been edited and released to provide helpful tips for you, for someone who has tinnitus, and who's looking for some help. So please check them out, get some value, give us a thumbs up. I'm so happy to be in this role to help you to be the channel here, to be the guide for your tinnitus journey, and to be the representative
of Pure Tinnitus. Quick reminder, our schedule, the first Sunday of every month, we have this video newsletter. The second Sunday of every month, we have our podcast episode. Check those out if you haven't. And finally, we have new videos
coming out every Tuesday.

No matter what other platform you're on, you can find us. Whether that's LinkedIn,
Instagram, Twitter, here on YouTube, on
Facebook, Facebook Group. You can find us. We're here to help. And again, grateful and thankful that you're trusting Pure Tinnitus as part of your process, as part of your transition
into a life with more control, with more eased tinnitus. Thank you guys. This is Dr. Ben signing out. Bye. (short hip hop music).

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