My Tinnitus Sounds Like… – Devil’s Symphony (part 1)

a month or two ago he like he left school and we found out coz of his ear I don't know much I just know that I feel like it's headaches and can't sleep like nights in a row it's a rough deal to have to deal with this everyday and and to have that fear that like if I don't have my earplugs in by accident there's a cymbal crash behind me that just may put me out you actually found us internet website that had like like a clip of what these sort of hears every day like 24/7 it's a difficult thing to deal with when you have something that's ongoing daily something I suffer wondering why is it that I have to continue hearing these noises all the time and the one effect I know is I invite him to my concert I had for my orchestra and he wasn't able to attend because of his ear so he had me like mail on the tape well before tinnitus my life was normal both work and home relationship with my family and friends and my students I wasn't angry at God but I was just angry because why me you know my life seemed to be going better and and then all of a sudden this noise this thing it was horrible and of course for the first two months that I got that I had it of course every day I spent wishing and waiting for it to go away well you got to keep some kind of a sound so once I had tinnitus once they kicked up and this is my third major flare-up it everything is more difficult being afraid to do my job because in the nature of my job my mood has changed I'm sure with my kids I'm sure of my family and so they have to pay the price to initially Dave was the first to get tinnitus and I didn't really recognize it for what it was I did know that there was noises in my head but I didn't know what it was and normally being identical twins if something occurs to Dave usually about six or seven months after sometimes longer sometimes long yeah I mean be a couple years but it usually follows maybe like a constant air raid siren in your head like a constant warning danger kind of thing and it's I mean yeah right now it's actually not so bad some days it's not he gave named for it finally he said it was tinnitus the doctor really didn't give any alternatives and any suggestion he said you live with it doctor that he went to see never had any of that information to give to him here's a meeting you can go to here's what you can do you know he just left him empty that's what a lot of doctors do that's me that's me I have it you hear more often when you're in quiet locations it's it's just like a little ringing in the ears mostly when I go to bed at night I can hear it I would say sometimes it's worse than other times I don't know if it's a rush of blood to my head or something but if I get up real quick when I've been leaning over and I can hear really loud it's kind of like a shoulder ache or something you don't go around telling everybody you're your shoulder aches unless you're consistent whiner but yeah I would imagine a lot more people have it than people realize everybody's tinnitus is personal and different everyone I've ever met creaking sound like like a tone it was very very high and I just kept on going when it gets that it just it just sounds like it feels heavy it feels like your heads about to explode if I lay down on my right side and bad my ears will go and it drives some weird things like that tinnitus they described normally as a roaring or a sound in your ears where there is no external sound like there is absolutely no escape from this like you're just in some kind of cage and you can't even move to make yourself slightly more comfortable like and if you can't scratch or a wound this is bleeding that you can't an affliction that there's no outward sign of problem you know people see you have a broken arm and his broken arm but people can't see tinnitus they can't hear it because it's subjective I also have a fullness with a swish it's real for [ __ ] sure like a bumble bee almost there's a lot of conversation about it being in York Oakland about being in your hair cells in your inner ear screech unlike the feedback on a microphone for him to speaker 4,000 Hertz I couldn't lay on my my right side I got bubbling in my ear that's when I started sleeping like this it's like standing underneath and telephone wire and I would say it's kind of a low pitch right now of course there's you know wind and things around it block it when I talk about my tinnitus I'm talking about a sound it sounds like it's right in the middle of my head has nothing to do with my ears at all it's not anyone pure pitch I say 4,000 Hertz that's approximate it is but it's a variety of pitches so it's it's it's what almost like white noise but it's so high unless I don't focus on I hear a single pitch when I really think about it I could hear eight or nine different pitches at once I would send getting an ear ear exam once and they said we're going to try to match that height sound they turned it out and turn it up and turn it up I said higher higher higher couldn't go as high it might is like standing under high tension power lines it's not that high pitch sound and it must be in the range of crickets and a lot of birds because I can't hear those anymore when the tinnitus isn't loud in this side like like the wind blowing in your ear that's what I get on this side this one here is more about well the other day I walked into a McDonald's I've never heard of pitch as high as the pitch it's in my head and they just took a frozen bag you know thing of french fries and throw them in the deep fryer and the initial sound to come off of that like I thought man I finally heard a pitch it matches the pitch in my head you talked about French fries frying it that is pretty accurate maybe a little high pitched sound and that problem is is trying to get something as high pitch as I have I mean everything that is on the market commercially doesn't even come close to the pitch that I have that's the problem I can the continuous continuous tape of throwing it frozen french fries into a deep fryer

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