Hello my friends, welcome to the Sanja & Tinni
Show! If you remember, we shot a video some time
ago where we humanized our tinnitus – today it continues! "Is tinnitus a person ?!" "Tinni, why are
you so scared?" "What are you screaming so tinni ?!" Ah yes, if you haven't seen the first part of the series, I've added a link for you. In the last video I explained how to humanize your tinnitus. Today I want to give you an example I want to present to you the human-like version of my tinnitus. It's Tinni! As I was doing this task myself I tried to hear my inner mind.

And suddendly the suprising result was born. The first imagination of my tinnitus was a small version of my back to time as I was younger. As soon as I was listening and trying to give space to "it" that was there… I suddenly saw her. But even as she was looking as my younger self – I didn't want to call her Sanja – Tinni was more suitable! As funny as it was – Tinni was often the way I couldn't be She was very honest to her emotions. When she was afriad, she showed it. I didn't. But also when she was "happy" she was more silent. She seemed to be an awaken kid that wanted attention if I wasn't giving *myself* any attention…. She can be "silent" but she screamed as soon I wasn't paying any attention to our health or well being. It was interesting for me how strong tinni was showing her emotions and at the same time how little space I gave to myself for mine.

And gladly today she is on my side and she is there for me to tell me when I have too much and when I have to go a step back. And if you put all the points in an interpration together, she is exactly that what I have needed. A warning system Thats why she is here and my body has send me a signal through her to tell me when its enough. Today I'm thankful for that. Thank you for watching AND next time it's all about "why is my tinnitus the way humanized as it is?" Please sign to my channel and like the video. But most importantly comment below and tell me about your impressions and your tinnitus-stories. Thank you! See you next time!.

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