Tinni is live on air! Hello my dear viewers It starts again! Welcome to the Sanja and Tinni Show Today we are going to humanize our tinnitus. who would your tinnitus be if he were human. How old is he? Is it a man or a woman? Is it a kid? Or is it very old? How does it look like? Is it your inner self? Maybe it is a fully diffirent person? Is the outside world overwhelming it? or is it just upset? Is it aggresive? Watch how you deal with this human. Are you ignoring him or are you trying to drown him out? With constant outside noises? Why are we doing this? Our tinnitus has already a voice.

Hi is doing noises – why not humanize it? A problem becomes easier, when it gets more tanglible. When we can touch or feel it. When it becomes an object, it gets it's solution. So, think about it. Thats also my first task for you! My wish… For me it was a very exciting task to do, to see which person is behind the voice. when you have fulfilled the task, I would like to know How was it for you? What relationship do you have with your Tinnitus-Person? Do you want to push it away? Do you even have a relationship with this person? Do you give your person space? What does it tell you? When does it "talk"to you? I hope this task is enjoyable for you – it was great for me. And at the very end every person is different and it has his ups and downs. So is also my Tinni lol. But today she is a lot funnier! If you want to comment it, I would be happy to read your results! Thank you and we will see each other next time.

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