Meet Bill: TMJ Disorder (0:56)

– Well I had the back molars
were covered with gums so they weren't growing in. My orthodontist recommended
me to go to my oral surgeon. – It's not that infrequent
to see kids come in with an adult tooth that's
having a difficult time coming down. – He showed me the x-ray
of my teeth and pointed out what tooth it was. – Then we planned to go
in and do what we call expose and bond. That's where we're going
to expose the adult tooth.

Really we try to tell him kind
of what we're going to do. We're going to go in, we're
going to glue a special bracket to the tooth. Then we're going to get you
back to the orthodontist and he's going to pull these teeth in. – I was nervous, but it went fast. I was under anesthesia, I was
back in the recovery room. I was joking with my family
and stuff right after so I was in good spirits. I would say it's well worth it to do it..

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