Guided meditation to heal from tinnitus welcome to this meditation
this relaxation will help you control tinnitus symptoms I remember you
this type of therapy is not a substitute for medical treatments you will have to attend your medical evaluations
if you repeat it frequently you will notice big changes
these changes will be reflected in your health
It is not advisable to listen to this meditation while driving or concentrating
get into a comfortable position
can be lying down or sitting with feet flat on the floor I'll give you a few seconds to find that position any noise that affects my voice helps to relax you even more
while you breathe you relax even more your eye muscles relax your cheeks relax right now your lips relax with each breath you relax deeper and deeper you feel very relaxed your hands relax
your chest and the organs of your chest relax you're doing great
your body feels pleasantly heavy and very relaxed your legs relax
each breath relaxes you more and more you feel a faint tingling running through your calves your body is pleasantly heavy and very relaxed
the tension has completely left your body I will count from 10 to 0 and when we get to 0 you will be deeply relaxed the tinnitus begins to disappear every time it gets dimmer
it's getting smaller and smaller
you start to feel very happy because the tinnitus has disappeared you feel more liberated healthier
begins to disappear more and more
you feel happier happier
now you are healthier
you will do this exercise daily until you notice improvement when we get to number 10 you'll be wide awake

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