Living your life with tinnitus (ringing in ears)

I was a bit scared about having to live with a condition that might never be cured and I might have to live with forever but living with it for a year now I've kind of I've learned how to tune it out and not let it bother me not let it affect my day-to-day life also even just having my diagnosis is a big source of comfort for me because I know that there is nothing wrong with me apart from my tinnitus and then it's not going to hurt me and so it means I don't really panic about it anymore right at the beginning I searched the internet for help which I wish I hadn't done because a lot of it was very negative and it didn't help me really move forward but there was lots of really good information on the BTS website which did help and then also the ENT consultant that I saw and a hearing therapist that I saw after about the first month really really helped me turn the corner managing tinnitus is quite takes quite a lot of effort but I tend to find that in the outside doing some exercise now they've got a bit more time I go out cycling and walking over the hills or down by the river one of the biggest ways that I learnt to manage living with tinnitus was through my creativity because I'm a musician already and what I learnt was that I had to relearn how to do things so things that I used to take for granted like going to a noisy club or something like that I had to start approaching it differently in terms of living with tinnitus I've tried really hard not to let it affect me it can get in the way of doing things that I enjoy so I one of my hobbies is going to gigs and live music and even though loud music at gigs was probably what triggered my tinnitus I still go to gigs only now I protect my ears with a really good set of musicians earplugs you wake up in the morning and the tinnitus is there you got the tinnitus going on you gotta motivate yourself to do something that you enjoy and you can immerse yourself in a hobby or physical exercise whatever you mustn't let the tinnitus carry on the most helpful thing that I've come across that's helped me deal with my tinnitus is just not to fight it and to accept it and it doesn't have to be your friend but just that you can encounter it quite comfortably and when I started to embrace that and I'd really understand that it stopped being a problem you

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